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Budget Application For Professional Development

About This Page

This page outlines the lightweight process of applying budget for professional development, such as training, technical meetup, and conferences, etc.


As described in spending company money, only expenses over $500 are subject to management approval. However, your manager should be informed regardless of the actual expense amount so it can be tracked for team budgeting purposes.

Work-related online courses and professional development certifications. GitLab team members are allotted $500 USD per fiscal year to spend on one or multiple training courses. Reimbursement past the $500 USD total allotment requires manager approval.

Work-related conferences, including travel, lodging, and meals. If total costs exceed $500 USD, reimbursement requires prior approval from your manager.

Information Needed

The applicant is responsible for collecting the information below (where applicable), and each cost must be estimated in USD:


  1. Applicant collects information as described above before any booking or reservation
  2. Applicant sends their manager the above information via email
  3. The manager works with the director to ensure that the budget is available
  4. The manager confirms with the applicant if the application is approved or not

Budget and Expense Tracking

The available budget and actual expenses are tracked in this Enablement Budget Tracking spreadsheet. All managers are responsible for entering expenses, and all team members can view and comment.


Budget planning is done in the beginning of each fiscal year. Once the exercise starts, every team member will be acknowledged and encouraged to submit requests for the year.

On the other hand, please expect that not all requested budget will be approved. Once budget planning is complete, the above tracking sheet will be updated to reflect the actual allocations.

Everyone is encouraged to respect budget planning and be courteous to teammates. Over spending will reduce peers' opportunity of career and professional development.