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Global Search Team


The Global Search team is focused on bringing world class search functionality to and self-managed instances.


The team will be responsible for improving and expanding upon our current global search implementations using Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, and Gitaly. Areas of responsibility will include global search functionality, UI, ingestion mechanisms, optimal indexing, administrative tools and installation mechanisms for self-managed installations.

This team doesn't own custom searches for specific features, such as the "filter bar" on issues which is part of the Issue Tracking category owned by the Project Management group.

Team Members

The following people are permanent members of the Global Search Team:

Person Role
Changzheng Liu Engineering Manager, Global Search
Micaƫl Bergeron Senior Backend Engineer, Global Search
Dylan Griffith Staff Backend Engineer, Global Search
Alishan 'Ali' Ladhani Backend Engineer, Global Search
Dmitry Gruzd Senior Backend Engineer, Global Search
Terri Chu Senior Backend Engineer, Global Search

Stable Counterparts

The following members of other functional teams are our stable counterparts:

Person Role
Erick Banks Senior Software Engineer in Test Enablement:Search
John M. Senior Product Manager, Enablement:Global Search


Whenever possible, we prefer to communicate asynchronously using issues, merge requests, and Slack. However, face-to-face meetings are useful to establish personal connection and to address items that would be more efficiently discussed synchronously such as blockers.


We follow the GitLab engineering workflow guidelines. To bring an issue to our attention please create an issue in the relevant project. Add the ~"group::global search" label along with any other relevant labels. If it is an urgent issue, please reach out to the Product Manager or Engineering Manager listed in the Stable Counterparts section above.