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Growth Section

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For more details about the product vision for Growth, see our Growth page.


The Growth section consists of groups that eliminate barriers between our users and product value.

Managing customer licensing and transactions

The Fulfillment Group is responsible for:



Deliver telemetry data that improves our product

The Telemetry Group is responsible for:



Drive value for the business and our users by improving activation, retention, upsell, and per-stage adoption

We focus on validating ideas with data across the following four Groups:

Activation Group

Adoption Group

Upsell Group

Retention Group

We work closely with the Data Team along with our Product Team counterparts to design and implement experiments that measure the impact of changes to our messaging, UX, and overall experience of using GitLab.

Team Members

The following people are permanent members of the Growth Section:

Person Role
Bartek Marnane Director of Engineering, Growth
James Lopez Engineering Manager, Fulfillment and Telemetry (Interim)
C.B Frontend Engineering Manager, Fulfillment

Stable Counterparts

The following members of other functional teams are our stable counterparts:

Person Role
Jacki Bauer UX Manager, Enablement & Growth
New Vacancy - Eric Brinkman (Interim) Director of Product, Growth
Evan Read Senior Technical Writer, Manage, Verify, Configure, Growth
Eli Kastelein Data Analyst, Growth
Bartek Marnane Director of Engineering, Growth
Mathieu Peychet Senior Data Analyst, Growth
Jensen Stava Senior Product Manager, Growth:Activation
T.H. Senior Product Manager, Growth:Adoption
S.A. Senior Product Manager, Growth:Upsell
New Vacancy - M.K. Senior Product Manager, Growth:Retention