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Growth Section

FY2021 Direction

Develop a respectful and privacy focussed data collection framework that allows us to make informed product decisions which improve the way our customers sign up to GitLab, manage and renew their licenses, and upgrade their accounts to higher tiers.


The Growth section consists of groups that eliminate barriers between our users and our product value.

Managing customer licensing and transactions

The Fulfillment Group is responsible for:



Deliver telemetry data that improves our product

The Telemetry Group is responsible for:



Drive value for the business and our users by improving activation, retention, upsell, and per-stage adoption

We focus on validating ideas with data across the following four Groups:

Acquisition Group

Conversion Group

Expansion Group

Retention Group

We work closely with the Data Team along with our Product Team counterparts to design and implement experiments that measure the impact of changes to our messaging, UX, and overall experience of using GitLab.

September 2019 Fast Boot

The Acquisition, Expansion, Conversion and Retention groups took part in a Fast Boot in September 2019. The planning issue contains the proposal for Fast Boot, and outcomes are available in the Growth Fast Boot Page.

Section Members

The following people are permanent members of the Growth Section:

Person Role
Bartek Marnane Director of Engineering, Growth
James Lopez Engineering Manager, Fulfillment and Telemetry
Chris Baus Frontend Engineering Manager, Fulfillment
Jerome Ng Engineering Manager, Growth:Acquisition and Conversion
Phil Calder Engineering Manager, Growth:Expansion and Retention

All Team Members

The following people are permanent members of groups that belong to the Growth Section:

Acquisition and Conversion

Person Role
Jerome Ng Engineering Manager, Growth:Acquisition and Conversion
Alex Buijs Senior Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Acquisition
Nicolas Dular Senior Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Acquisition
Alper Akgun Senior Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Conversion

Expansion and Retention

Person Role
Phil Calder Engineering Manager, Growth:Expansion and Retention
Jackie Fraser Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Expansion
Doug Stull Senior Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Expansion
Jeremy Jackson Senior Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Retention
Jay Swain Senior Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Retention

Fulfillment Back End

Person Role
James Lopez Engineering Manager, Fulfillment and Telemetry
Rubén Dávila Backend Engineer, Fulfillment
Corinna Wiesner Backend Engineer, Fulfillment
Tyler Amos Senior Backend Engineer, Fulfillment
Shreyas Agarwal Senior Backend Engineer, Fulfillment
A. M Backend Engineer, Telemetry

Fulfillment Front End

Person Role
Chris Baus Frontend Engineering Manager, Fulfillment
Vitaly Slobodin Senior Frontend Engineer, Fulfillment
Ragnar Hardarson Senior Frontend Engineer, Fulfillment
Ammar Alakkad Frontend Engineer, Fulfillment

Stable Counterparts

The following members of other functional teams are our stable counterparts:

Person Role
Hila Qu Director of Product, Growth
Jacki Bauer UX Manager, Growth
Eric Schurter Senior Product Manager, Create:Static Site Editor
Michael Karampalas Principal Product Manager, Growth:Retention
Evan Read Senior Technical Writer, Manage, Verify, Configure, Growth
Eli Kastelein Data Analyst, Growth
Jean du Plessis Engineering Manager, Static Site Editor
Chad Woolley Fullstack Engineer, Static Site Editor
Tim Hey Principal Product Manager, Growth:Expansion
Mathieu Peychet Senior Data Analyst, Growth
Sid Reddy Senior Product Manager, Growth:Telemetry
Jeff Crow Senior UX Researcher, Growth
Jensen Stava Senior Product Manager, Growth:Acquisition
Sam Awezec Senior Product Manager, Growth:Conversion
Vincy Wilson Quality Engineering Manager, Growth

How We work

As part of the wider Growth stage we track and work on issues with the label ~"devops::growth".

Growth Issues Board

The Growth issues board shows ~"devops::growth" issues by workflow state, and can be filtered by additional group:: label:

This board uses the Product Development Workflow labels for issues where applicable.

Experiment workflow Labels

Growth - Experiments have the ~"growth experiment" label added. For tracking the status of experiments we also use the following experiment:: workflow labels:

This workflow can be tracked on the Growth - Experiments board.

UX Workflows

We follow the UX Team's Product Designer and Researcher workflows. We also have a Growth specific workflow that you can read about here.