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Expansion Group


The Expansion Group is part of the Growth section and works to implement the Growth Product Vision for Expansion and meet the Expansion and Retention engineering KPIs.

Questions should start by @ mentioning the Product Manager for the Expansion group or creating a new issue in the Growth Product Expansion issues list.

How we work


Prioritization is a collaboration between Product, UX, Data, and Engineering.


Weight Description (Engineering)
1 Trivial: The simplest possible change. We are confident there will be no side effects.
2 Small: A simple change (minimal code changes), where we understand all of the requirements.
3 Medium: A simple change, but the code footprint is bigger (e.g. lots of different files, or tests effected). The requirements are clear.
5 Large: A more complex change that will impact multiple areas of the codebase, there may also be some refactoring involved. Requirements are understood but you feel there are likely to be some gaps along the way.

Anything over a 5 (large) indicates the work should be broken down into smaller, clearly defined issues.


We use the Product Development workflow when working on issues and merge requests across multiple projects.

While not all of the work we do relates to the GitLab project directly, we use milestones to track Deliverables and other enhancements.


Board Description
Planning This board shows Expansion team work that has been allocated to a particular milestone.
Deliverables A subset of the milestone board shows issues the Product Manager has determined to be Deliverables.

Working boards

Board Description
Growth:Expansion Validation track The validation track is where the Product Manager - usually in collaboration with UX - defines what the team should aim to deliver. Once complete, the Product Manager will move to workflow::planning breakdown (larger issues) or straight to workflow::scheduling for Engineering to pick up. If there is no Engineering input required the issue can be closed.
Growth:Expansion Build track The Expansion Engineering group (group::expansion) schedules issues for development in the build phase, based on the Product Managers priorities. For bugs and security issues, Priority and Severity labels will have been added by the Product Manager.
Growth:Expansion Workflow This board shows the combined workflow including validation and build tracks.

Most of the above boards can be filtered by milestone to provide additional context around priority. For example a P3 security issue (due within 90 days) will be added to one of the next 3 milestones by the Engineering team during the workflow::scheduling stage to ensure that SLA is met.

Some projects are under gitlab-services (internal). This requires separate issue boards.

Board Description
Growth:Expansion Validation track (gitlab-services) Product/UX validation track
Growth:Expansion Build track (gitlab-services) Engineering build track
Growth:Expansion Workflow (gitlab-services) Combined workflow board

Team Members

The following people are permanent members of the Expansion Group:

Person Role
Phil Calder Engineering Manager, Growth:Expansion and Retention
Jackie Fraser Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Expansion
Doug Stull Senior Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Expansion

Stable Counterparts

We work closely with our colleagues in the Retention, Fulfillment and Telemetry groups.

The following members of other functional teams are our stable counterparts:

Person Role
Hila Qu Director of Product, Growth
Matej Latin Senior Product Designer, Growth:Expansion
Timothy Noah Senior Product Designer, Growth:Retention
Jacki Bauer UX Manager, Growth
Michael Karampalas Principal Product Manager, Growth:Retention
Shane Rice Manager, Growth Marketing
Amanda Rueda Product Manager, Growth:Fulfillment
Tim Hey Principal Product Manager, Growth:Expansion
Sid Reddy Senior Product Manager, Growth:Telemetry
Kevin Comoli Product Designer, Growth:Conversion
Emily Sybrant Product Designer, Growth:Acquisition
Jeff Crow Senior UX Researcher, Growth
Jensen Stava Senior Product Manager, Growth:Acquisition
Sam Awezec Senior Product Manager, Growth:Conversion
Alex Buijs Senior Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Acquisition
Nicolas Dular Senior Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Acquisition
Alper Akgun Senior Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Conversion
D.R Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Conversion
Russell Dickenson Senior Technical Writer, Enablement, Growth
Vincy Wilson Quality Engineering Manager, Growth