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Growth Fast Boot September 2019

The Acquisition, Expansion, Conversion and Retention groups took part in a Fast Boot in September 2019. The planning issue contains the proposal for Fast Boot, and this page documents our discussions and outcomes.

Day 1

Link to Day 1 Agenda Document

Key Outcomes

How we operate as a team

Section Level

Group Level

How do we run Growth experiments?

Expectations for working in another teams’ code base

Feature Ownership

Fulfillment owns underlying billing, licensing, and transactional system, as well as current portal user experience.

Growth PM’s will own issues for key flows; engineering leaders will help assign work

Long Term: the vision is for the fulfillment team to own the billing and licensing platform, with a set of API’s and SLA’s, so the growth teams can build and curate user experiences on top of them to drive great customer experiences (and resulting KPI’s).

Deep Dives

Teardown/journey map existing flow. Leverage demos, videos, screenshots. Ask “experts” to join remotely to demo and share their pain points/opportunities. Session to be led by the product manager.

Acquisition Overview

Discussion led by Jensen, PM for Acquisition, topics covered include:


Conversion Overview

Discussion led by Sam Awezec, PM for Conversion, topics covered include:


Expansion Overview

Discussion led by Tim Hey, PM for Expansion. Topics covered:



Retention Overview

Discussion led by Mike Karampalas, PM for Retention. Topics covered:



Day 2

Link to Day 2 Agenda Document

Data Deep Dive

Discussion led by Eli Kastelein, Growth Data Analyst. Topics covered:



State of Telemetry

During this time we walked through Telemetry as a team and reviewed where we were headed. The main item we covered was the Vision Page in the handbook and how we need to clearly communicate what telemetry is and where to find more information.

Topics covered (which will also be added to the handbook)

MR under review

A/B Testing Requirements

Issue: Implement an A/B testing solution that can measure the impact of Growth experiments

Key outcome is to work with the Release team to improve our existing Feature Flags capability in GitLab in order to successfully A/B test Growth experiments.

Right now in order to run an experiment, we need to do additional work to ensure we can measure the results. This work will be bespoke for each experiment while we improve our capability.

We can investigate third party solutions if needed.

Days 3-5

At this time the individual Growth teams split into their groups to create and work on issues in their respective areas.

Fast Boot Outcomes

Implemented new team names, KPI’s and objectives.

Streamlined team processes

Create and deliver issues: