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Growth Section Performance Indicators

Executive Summary

KPI Health Reason(s)
Acquisition and Conversion (IACV) Unknown
  • Need to validate current health here.
  • Expansion and User Retention Unknown
  • No metrics collected.
  • Validate health and data.
  • Key Performance Indicators

    Acquisition and Conversion (IACV)

    Increased value in customer bookings on by acquiring new customers and upselling existing customers to a higher tier through data driven initiatives that help surface our existing capabilities to prospective and existing users.


    Health: Unknown

    Maturity: Level 1 of 3

    Expansion and User Retention

    Reduced customer churn on by identifying and re-engaging customers that have created accounts but have not adopted our product.


    Health: Unknown

    Maturity: Level 1 of 3

    Other PI Pages



    Level Meaning
    Level 3 of 3 Has a description, target, and periscope data.
    Level 2 of 3 Missing one of: description, target, or periscope data.
    Level 1 of 3 Missing two of: description, target, or periscope data.
    Level 0 of 3 Missing a description, a target, and periscope data.


    Level Meaning
    Okay The KPI is at an acceptable level compared to the threshold
    Attention This is a blip, or we’re going to watch it, or we just need to enact a proven intervention
    Problem We'll prioritize our efforts here
    Unknown Unknown

    How to work with pages like this


    The heart of pages like this is a data file called /data/performance_indicators.yml which is in YAML format. Almost everything you need to do will involve edits to this file. Here are some tips:


    Pages like /handbook/engineering/performance-indicators/ are rendered by and ERB template.

    These ERB templates call the helper function performance_indicators() that is defined in /helpers/custom_helpers.rb. This helper function calls in several partial templates to do it's work.

    This function takes a required argument named org in string format that limits the scope of the page to a portion of the data file. Possible valid values for this org argument are listed in the org property of each element in the array in /data/performance_indicators.yml.