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Ops Section


The Ops section strives to make operational tasks easier for developers.


The Ops section is responsible for developing products in the following teams:

Who we are

The following people are permanent members or stable-counterparts of the Ops Section:

Person Role
Kamil Trzciński Distinguished Engineer, Ops and Enablement
William Chia Senior Product Marketing Manager , CI/CD & Ops
J.S. Quality Engineering Manager, Ops & CI/CD
Sam Goldstein Director of Engineering, Ops
Kenny Johnston Director of Product, Ops Products
Chrissie Buchanan Content Marketer, Ops
Andrej Kiripolský UX Researcher, Ops
Saumya Upadhyaya Sr Product Marketing Manager
Kevin Chu Group Manager, Product, Monitor


  • New Vacancy - Clement Ho (Interim) - Frontend Engineering Manager, Configure
  • Taurie Davis - Staff Product Designer, Configure
  • New Vacancy - Nicholas Klick (Interim) - Engineering Manager, Configure:Orchestration
  • Daniel Gruesso - Product Manager, Configure:Orchestration
  • Dan Davison - Senior Software Engineer in Test, Configure
  • Thong Kuah - Senior Backend Engineer, Configure:Orchestration
  • James Fargher - Senior Backend Engineer, Configure:Orchestration
  • Hordur Freyr Yngvason - Backend Engineer, Configure:Orchestration
  • João Cunha - Backend Engineer, Configure:Orchestration
  • Tiger Watson - Senior Backend Engineer, Configure:Orchestration
  • Jacques Erasmus - Senior Frontend Engineer, Configure
  • Enrique Alcántara - Senior Frontend Engineer, Configure
  • Maria Vrachni - Senior Product Designer, Configure
  • Emily Ring - Frontend Engineer, Configure
  • Configure:System

  • Grzegorz Bizon - Staff Backend Engineer, Configure:System
  • New Vacancy - Clement Ho (Interim) - Frontend Engineering Manager, Configure
  • Taurie Davis - Staff Product Designer, Configure
  • Mike Greiling - Senior Frontend Engineer, Configure
  • Nicholas Klick - Engineering Manager, Configure:System
  • Dan Davison - Senior Software Engineer in Test, Configure
  • Matt Kasa - Senior Backend Engineer, Configure:System
  • Alishan 'Ali' Ladhani - Backend Engineer, Configure:System
  • Alex Ives - Senior Backend Engineer, Configure:System
  • Magdalena Frankiewicz - Backend Engineer, Configure:System
  • Viktor Nagy - Senior Product Manager, Configure:System Group
  • Matthew Nearents - Senior Product Designer, Monitor
  • Monitor:APM

  • Jose Ivan Vargas - Frontend Engineer, Monitor:APM
  • Dhiraj Bodicherla - Senior Frontend Engineer, Monitor:APM
  • Miguel Rincon - Senior Frontend Engineer, Monitor:APM
  • Reuben Pereira - Backend Engineer, Monitor:APM
  • Ryan Cobb - Backend Engineer, Monitor:APM
  • Dov Hershkovitch - Senior Product Manager, Monitor:APM
  • Adrien Kohlbecker - Senior Backend Engineer, Monitor:APM
  • David Wilkins - Senior Backend Engineer, Monitor:APM
  • Mikołaj Wawrzyniak - Backend Engineer, Monitor:APM
  • Kirstie Cook - Backend Engineer, Monitor:APM
  • Matt Nohr - Engineering Manager, Monitor:APM
  • New Vacancy - Clement Ho (Interim) - Frontend Engineering Manager, Monitor:APM
  • Nadia Sotnikova - Product Designer, Monitor
  • Andrei Stoicescu - Frontend Engineer, Monitor:APM
  • Monitor:Health

  • Clement Ho - Frontend Engineering Manager, Monitor:Health
  • Amelia Bauerly - Product Designer, Monitor & Package
  • Tristan Read - Frontend Engineer, Monitor:Health
  • Laura Montemayor - Frontend Engineer, Monitor:Health
  • Olena HK. - Senior Frontend Engineer, Monitor:Health
  • New Vacancy - Matt Nohr (Interim) - Engineering Manager, Monitor:Health
  • Peter Leitzen - Senior Backend Engineer, Monitor:Health
  • Sarah Yasonik - Backend Engineer, Monitor:Health
  • Sarah Waldner - Senior Product Manager, Monitor:Health
  • Vitali Tatarintev - Senior Backend Engineer, Monitor:Health
  • Allison Browne - Backend Engineer, Monitor:Health
  • Sean Arnold - Backend Engineer, Monitor:Health
  • New Vacancy - Frontend Engineer, Monitor:Health
  • How to work with us


    The Ops Section puts together a week-in-review which is an aggregate of the team's geekbot responses on how the week has been (What went well, What could have gone better, Kudos, Metrics). This is done in collaboration with the Ops Section stable counterparts. Everyone can contribute and the content of the document are sent out at the end of the week. This is not a replacement for the engineering week-in-review which is required reading. Important items from the Ops WIR must be duplicated there if they apply to the broader group.

    Feature showcase

    A project exists to demonstrate Ops features. Information can be found in the repository

    The live environment may be viewed here: