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Frontend Department

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Here is a board with all currently assigned frontend deliverables per engineer.

Frontend domain experts

You have a question concerning the frontend for a product area? As a product manager you want to run a new idea by a frontend engineer? You want to learn more about how the current implementation works? You have specific frontend technology questions or have some idea/inputs?

Wait no more, here are our frontend domain experts who can help you out


They are responsible for

Frontend team calls

The frontend team has scheduled weekly calls every Tuesday, before the company call. During this call, team members are encouraged to share information that may be relevant to share with other members synchronously (Eg. new documentation change, new breaking changes added to master).

Frontend release kickoff

At the beginning of each release cycle also a frontend specific kickoff will be done in the team call. The idea is to share with your team members your tasks, find overlapping issues, share knowledge about implementations and have a global sense what we want to achieve this month as a team.

Every frontend team member should prepare for this meeting:

Frontend themed call

We started in January 2018, with adding a monthly theme to the first call of each month. The purpose of these themes is to add some fun and quirkiness to our team calls (so that we can learn more about each other) but it shouldn't distract or derail into too much off-topic conversation.

How does it work

Date Theme Winner
2018-01-09 Most interesting hat Jose Ivan Vargas
2018-02-13 Most interesting shirt/t-shirt (No GitLab swag) Winnie
2018-03-06 Most interesting sunglasses André
2018-04-03 Most peculiar trip souvenir Eric Eastwood
2018-05-08 Grow the best grass or plant (preferably grass) Lukas
2018-06-04 Most interesting sculpture from one piece of paper (maximum size Letter/A4) Sam
2018-07-10 Ornament/Trinket/Thing-that-you-have, that says the most about you Sam
2018-08-07 Most creative Tanuki in any medium Eric Eastwood
2018-09-04 Best animal sketch/drawing Winnie's wife
2018-10-02 Favorite mythical creature of your home country Tim / Lukas
2018-11-06 Convince us that your favorite dish (that you can prepare yourself) is the best! Preferably you share the recipe Mike
2018-12-04 Favorite multi-player game (board game, card game, video game, etc). Describe the rules, how many players, background, and why you like it Winnie
2019-01-08 Favorite children's book Nathan
2019-02-05 Best feature of your house/office/co-working space. If possible, show it!

Some examples:
- The ocean view from your living room window
- Your room exclusively dedicated to Star Wars memorabilia
- The secret passage you built behind a bookcase
2019-03-05 Favourite music album of all time? Fatih
2019-04-02 Best picture you took (Feel free to post-edit) André
2019-05-07 skipped due to GitLab Contribute  
2019-06-04 What's your favourite movie?  

Frontend calendar

The frontend google calendar was created as a means of unifying and including team members on frontend related discussions. Frontend meetings should be listed on the calendar unless there is a good reason not to. Frontend engineers have the calendar permissions to create events on this calendar while GitLab team-members have the permissions to add the frontend calendar to their calendar.

Note: Due to a bug on Google Calendar, team members are unable to find the calendar by searching. Team members are recommended to go to the frontend calendar link on their browser to add this calendar to their calendar. This calendar is currently only available within GitLab and is not publicly accessible.

RFCs for changes to GitLab Frontend

If you would like to propose a new or a change to an existing frontend pattern in our codebase, please create an issue in so that we can discuss it.

Choosing something to work on

Prior starting your work on your Deliverable labeled issues take a look at the Next Patch Release issue list.

Release planning

A few days after the 4th of each month, the Frontend manager goes through all the frontend labeled issues that have been assigned to the next milestone by the Product Manager and that have the Deliverable or Stretch label.

If, for any reason, an issue cannot be scheduled, a note should be added to inform everyone about that. Obviously, when choosing which issue has to be rejected, the Frontend Engineering Manager can ask for more details to both the Product Manager that are responsible for the specific issue.


Weight Criteria Examples
1 5 minute change, like changing a color, typo, etc. #41269
4 Multiple Vue components need to be written or updated, communication with UX and backend team is necessary #41174, #25388
9 A feature that will take the whole month and needs full attention from the person doing it. #3559

Frontend Onboarding

Here are some helpful resources that might help your onboarding.


Frontend Marketing

The Frontend team is also responsible to support the marketing team with their activities on our website at