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Frontend Create Team


The Create team works on the frontend part of GitLab for the Create stage.

For more details about the vision for this area of the product, see the Create stage page.

Team members

Person Role

Stable counterparts

Person Role
Achilleas Pipinellis Senior Technical Writer, Create, Package, Monitor, Secure, Defend
Marcia Ramos Senior Technical Writer, Create, Release
André Luís Frontend Engineering Manager, Create:Source Code
Phil Hughes Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Paul Slaughter Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Editor
Pedro Moreira da Silva Senior Product Designer, Create:Source Code
Marcel van Remmerden Senior Product Designer, Create:Editor & Search (Interim)
Nick Thomas Staff Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
James Ramsay Group Manager, Product, Create
Francisco Javier López Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Editor
Eric Schurter Senior Product Manager, Create:Static Site Editor
Jarek Ostrowski Product Designer, Create:Knowledge & Gitter
Mark Chao Backend Engineer, Create:Editor
Alex Pooley Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Editor
Mark Lapierre Senior Software Engineer in Test, Create:Source Code (primary) & Create:Gitaly (secondary)
Luke Duncalfe Backend Engineer, Create:Knowledge
Natalia Tepluhina Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Knowledge
Patrick Bajao Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Igor Drozdov Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Markus Koller Backend Engineer, Create:Knowledge
Kerri Miller Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Amparo Luna Backend Engineer, Create:Editor
Tomislav Nikić Software Engineer in Test, Create:Knowledge
Denys Mishunov Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Editor
Samantha Ming Frontend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Justin Boyson Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Himanshu Kapoor Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Editor
Thomas Randolph Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Tom Quirk Frontend Engineer, Create:Knowledge
Christen Dybenko Senior Product Manager, Create:Knowledge
Kai Armstrong Product Manager, Create:Editor
Darva Satcher Engineering Manager, Create:Knowledge & Create:Editor
Michelle Gill Engineering Manager, Create:Source Code
Robert May Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
David Sincheol Kim Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Roman Kuba Frontend Engineering Manager, Create:Knowledge & Create:Editor
Alex Kalderimis Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Knowledge
New Vacancy - James Ramsay (Interim) Senior Product Manager, Create:Source Code
Anastasia McDonald Software Engineer in Test, Create:Editor
Gary Holtz Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Marc S. Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
New Vacancy - James Ramsay (Interim) Senior Product Manager, Create:Gitaly
Vijay Hawoldar Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Editor