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Frontend Monitor Team

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The Monitor team works on the frontend part of GitLab for the Monitor stage.

For more details about the vision for this area of the product, see the Monitor stage page.

Team members

Person Role
Clement Ho Frontend Engineering Manager, Monitor
Simon Knox Frontend Engineer, Monitor
Jose Ivan Vargas Frontend Engineer, Monitor
Adriel Santiago Senior Frontend Engineer, Monitor
Tristan Read Frontend Engineer, Monitor

Stable counterparts

Person Role
Amelia Bauerly UX Designer, Monitor & Package
Sarah Voegeli Senior UX Designer, Monitor & Package
Ahmad Sherif Site Reliability Engineer, Manage, Monitor & Configure
Ben Kochie Staff Backend Engineer, Monitor
Amarbayar Amarsanaa Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Create, Plan, Monitor
Seth Engelhard Engineering Manager, Monitor Debugging & Health
Peter Leitzen Senior Backend Engineer, Monitor
Reuben Pereira Backend Engineer, Monitor
Logan King Backend Engineer, Monitor
Ryan Cobb Backend Engineer, Monitor
Sarah Yasonik Backend Engineer, Monitor
New Vacancy - Kenny Johnston (interim) Senior Product Manager, Monitor
Sarah Waldner Product Manager, Monitor
New Vacancy - Seth Engelhard (interim) Engineering Manager, Monitor APM
New Vacancy - Clement H (Interim) Frontend Engineering Manager, Monitor