Frontend Plan Team

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The Plan team works on the frontend part of GitLab for the Plan stage.

For more details about the vision for this area of the product, see the Plan stage page.

Team members

Person Role
André Luís Interim Frontend Engineering Manager, Create & Plan
Fatih Acet Senior Frontend Engineer, Plan
Kushal Pandya Frontend Engineer, Plan
Constance Okoghenun Frontend Engineer, Plan

Stable counterparts

Person Role
Felipe Artur Developer, Plan
Annabel Dunstone Gray UX Designer, Plan
Sean McGivern Engineering Manager, Plan
Pedro Moreira da Silva Senior UX Designer, Plan
Victor Wu Product Manager, Plan
Jarka Kadlecová Developer, Plan
Brett Walker Senior Developer, Plan
Jan Provaznik Senior Developer, Plan
Mario de la Ossa Developer, Plan
Chantal Rollison Junior Developer, Plan
Ramya Authappan Senior Test Automation Engineer, Plan