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Frontend Secure Team


The Secure team works on the frontend part of GitLab for the Secure stage.

For more details about the vision for this area of the product, see the Secure stage page.

Team members

Person Role

Stable counterparts

Person Role
Achilleas Pipinellis Technical Writer, Create, Package, Monitor, Secure, Defend
Annabel Dunstone Gray Product Designer, Secure
Valerie Karnes UX Manager, Secure & Defend
Philippe Lafoucrière Distinguished Backend Engineer, Secure, Defend
Olivier Gonzalez Interim Engineering Manager, Secure:Composition Analysis
Fabien Catteau Staff Backend Engineer, Secure:Composition Analysis
Tetiana Chupryna Backend Engineer, Secure:Composition Analysis and Create:Knowledge (intern)
Can Eldem Backend Engineer, Secure:Composition Analysis
Mo Khan Senior Backend Engineer, Secure:Composition Analysis
Adam Cohen Senior Backend Engineer, Secure:Composition Analysis
Igor Frenkel Senior Backend Engineer, Secure:Composition Analysis
Lukas Eipert Interim Frontend Engineering Manager, Secure, Defend
New Vacancy - Lukas E. (interim) Frontend Engineering Manager, Secure
Tanya Pazitny Quality Engineering Manager, Secure & Enablement
David DeSanto Director of Product, Secure and Defend
Sam Beckham Senior Frontend Engineer, Secure and Create:Knowledge (intern)
Paul Gascou-Vaillancourt Frontend Engineer, Secure
Thomas Woodham Engineering Manager, Secure:Static Analysis, Defend
Victor Zagorodny Senior Backend Engineer, Secure:Static Analysis
Lucas Charles Senior Backend Engineer, Secure:Static Analysis, Defend
Ross Fuhrman Backend Engineer, Secure:Static Analysis
Stacey Cardoso Backend Engineer, Secure:Static Analysis
Seth Berger Engineering Manager, Secure:Dynamic Analysis
Avielle Wolfe Backend Engineer, Secure
Cam Swords Senior Backend Engineer, Secure:Dynamic Analysis
Paula Burke Senior Backend Engineer, Secure:Dynamic Analysis
Fernando Arias Senior Frontend Engineer, Secure
Mark Florian Senior Frontend Engineer, Secure, Defend
Henri Philipps Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Secure & Defend
Dave Pisek Senior Frontend Engineer, Secure
Dheeraj Joshi Senior Frontend Engineer, Secure
Anthony Sandoval Engineering Manager, Reliability Engineering, Secure & Defend
Aleksandr Soborov Test Automation Engineer, Secure
Craig Barrett Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Defend & Secure
Nicole Schwartz Product Manager, Secure:Composition Analysis
D.F. Senior Product Manager, Secure:Dynamic Analysis
Todd Stadelhofer Director of Engineering, Secure
Kyle Mann Senior Product Designer, Secure
Camellia X. YANG Senior Product Designer, Secure
Tali Lavi UX Researcher, Secure & Defend and Ops (Interim)

Issue workflow

In addition to the workflows defined for the Secure stage, Secure frontend engineers should refer to this checklist often when assigned to, and working on, an issue:

Not all of these checks will apply to every issue. For trivial issues, perhaps none of them will! What's important is that you consider and aim to satisfy them, when relevant, by asking for more information or help from team members.