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Design :: Eliminate Shared File Server

Idea/Problem Statement

As of May 2019, share-01, an NFS file server that's meant for sharing files between different parts of the fleet, is a SPOF for If the server was taken down accidentally or for maintenance, would incur downtime until it is up and running again. Most of the application features that were using share-01 primarily (uploads, LFS objects, artifacts) have been migrated to allow for using a cloud storage instead, however, there are still a few features that still needs similar migration before we can drop using share-01 altogether.

The following mount points are mounted for each client (web, api, git, sidekiq) in our fleet, only the first 3 are no longer being used for sharing purposes and can be unmounted safely:


The following features still use share-01, and for each one we would implement a solution to allow using a cloud storage.

Personal snippets uploads

Mount point: /var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-rails/uploads

Attachments to personal snippets are only uploaded to share-01, unlike attachments to personal snippets comments, which are uploaded to cloud storage. The progress for this is being tracked in an issue.

Caching of repository archives

Mount point: /var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-rails/shared/cache

This feature will not necessarily be broken with the absence of a shared file server, but it means that Gitaly would generate an archive every time one is requested, which can be put some Gitaly nodes under stress for large and popular repositories. An effort to improve NGINX caching and/or serve immutable objects (e.g. a repository archive at certain SHA1, a raw blob) from a CDN is being tracked in an issue.

Uploading archived CI traces

Mount point: /var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-ci/builds

This feature already has already a cloud storage implementation, but it is currently disabled behind a feature flag due to some complications which are being tracked in an issue.

Implementation Considerations


As this is an application change, it will be tested using application specs and further verified by QA tests. and Self-managed

As there are no infrastructure changes involved in this design, it is expected to work the same for and self-managed installations.


With availability as the main motivation behind this design, there are highly-available alternatives that we could use instead of self-managed file server. Cloud Storage FUSE and Cloud Filestore are both provided by GCP and allows us not to change the application right away while still having high-availability guarantees. Such solutions, however, pose some disadvantages as some self-managed clients may not have access to such products in their hosting environment. Also, using such solutions may complicate our move towards Kubernetes.