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Infrastructure mStaff

Infrastructure mStaff is a loose denomination for the group of people who report diretly to the Director of Engineering, Infrastructure. This is a group composed of both managers and individual contributors, and they are responsible for the overall direction of Infrastructure and the achievement of our goals:

Person Role

Infrastructure mStaff Board

The Infrastructure mStaff Board collects issues for all managers (including the Director) and mStaff-level individual contributors (e.g., the Infrastructure Operations Analyst and Distinguished Engineer).


The Infrastructure mStaff label will automatically add issues to the board. Lists are driven by the following labels:

Label List Focus
Director of Infrastructure Director of Infrastructure Infrastructure
team::CI/CD & Enablement Reliability Engineering: CI/CD & Enablement Reliability
team::Dev & Ops Reliability Engineering: Dev & ops Availability
team::Secure & Defend Reliability Engineering: Secure and Defend Observability
team::Delivery Delivery Engineering Scalability
DE::Infrastructure Distinguished Engineer, Infrastructure Infrastructure
OA::Infrastructure Operations Analyst, Infrastructure Cost

Other labels are relevant to issues in the board:

Label Purpose
OKR Denotes OKR-related issue. It is used to communicate status and progress for quarerly KRs as assigned to erach team.
KPI Denotes KPI-related issue. It is used to track progress on definition, implementation and tracking of Infrastructure KPIs.
workflow::state Denotes the state of an issue according to our workflow conventions: Ready, In Progress, Under Review, Blocked, Done, and Cancelled.