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Delivery Dev - Backend Engineer, Infrastructure


In addition to Delivery team responsibilities, Delivery team also has members who are Backend Engineer, Infrastructure.

Main focus of said engineers is on reliability, performance and scalability, as well as resource optimization. These engineers work inside of the GitLab codebases with a focus on optimization for that would benefit also all self-managed users.

Backend Engineer, Infrastructure works from the production request issue board. The issue board shows highest impact items that the engineers focus on as part of their daily tasks.

Definition of Done

Backend Engineer, Infrastructure follows the general definition of done when working on various parts of GitLab codebase.

Since the work carried out by engineers is from the perspective and focus on, the definition of done is also expanded with:

  1. The functionality is confirmed working on and has no negative impact on reliability or performance of environments.
  2. The functionality is documented in relevant additional documentation such as runbooks.
  3. If relevant to them, support/abuse team(s) responsible for is informed of existence of said functionality.