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Delivery Team Training


The purpose of the team training is to share the work done with the rest of the team, company and public. It also allows the rest of the team to easily transition into new features and projects and prepare them for maintenance. Training is public and available for everyone wanting to get familiar with the topics.

Training should be:

Training should not be:

Simply put, the training is a summation of: notes taken in issues during development, programming challenges, high level overview of written documentation. Your team member should be able to take over the maintenance or build on top of your feature with less effort after they have been a part of the training.

Note Do not shy away from being technical in your training. You can ask yourself: What would have been useful for me when I started working on this task? What would have helped me be more efficient?

Efficiency of the training

In order to see whether the training is efficient, Delivery lead will rotate team members on projects where training was done. For example, if the feature requires regular releases, the person who gave the training will be considered a tutor. Different team member will follow the training and documentation and will ask the original maintainer for help. The new person responsible is now also responsible for improving the feature. They are now also responsible of training other team members.

Training Listings


Q: Isn't this double work? A: No. The training should be prepared while documenting the task or shortly after.

Q: Won't this slow me down? A: At the beginning, possibly. However, every hour of the training given will multiple the value of it by the amount of team members and people involved related projects.

Q: Isn't it more useful to let the team check out the docs and ask questions? A: In an ideal world, possibly. However, everyone has a lot of tasks assigned and they might not be able to go through the docs until they need to do something. This might be months later and you, as a person who would give the training, might not be able help efficiently anymore.