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Reliability Engineering

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Reliability Engineering teams are the gatekeepers and primary caretakers of the operational environment hosting all of GitLab's user-facing services (most notably, focusing on their availability, performance and scalability through reliability considerations.


Reliability Engineering team are composed of DBREs and SREs. As the role titles indicate, they have different areas of specialty but focus on the reliability of the environment as the unifying goal.

Reliability Engineering teams own the following operational processes:

The teams' overarching goal with respect to these processes is to outdate them through automation.

Key Metrics

Key metrics related to this group include:


Each member of the Site Reliability Team is part of this vision:

Team Members

The following people are members of the Reliability Engineering Teams:

Reliability Engineering, Secure & Defend

Person Role
Anthony Sandoval Engineering Manager, Reliability Engineering, Secure & Defend
Ben Kochie Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Infrastructure
Henri Philipps Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Secure & Defend
Craig Barrett Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Defend & Secure
Craig Miskell Site Reliability Engineer
Matt Smiley Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Craig Furman Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Reliability Engineering, CI/CD & Enablement

Person Role
Dave Smith Engineering Manager, Reliability Engineering, CI/CD & Enablement
Alejandro Rodríguez Site Reliability Engineer, Gitaly & Distribution
Alex Hanselka Site Reliability Engineer, Verify, Release, Fulfillment
Devin Sylva Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Package, Geo
Cameron S McFarland Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Package, Fulfillmnet, Distribution
Graeme Gillies Site Reliability Engineer
Nels Nelson Site Reliability Engineer

Reliability Engineering, Dev & Ops

Person Role