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Ops Engineering Advisory Group

Ops Engineering Advisory Group


We work in a deeply technical stage that requires deep technical understanding of Ops related products, services, and technologies. Product development in this area would greatly benefit from technical input on a regular basis to speed up feedback cycles, ensure the scalability of Ops architectures and head-off technical issues as well as duplicative efforts etc before they arise.


This group is composed of Engineers that provide technical engineering feedback to Product on an ongoing basis. This group covers all of Ops, including both Configure and Monitor. The aim is to increase collaboration between Product and Engineering as well as increase collaboration between Configure and Monitor.

Scope and Duties

  1. Review the Product roadmap with a specific focus on technologies and engineering implementation.
  2. Clarify technical concerns and questions about proposed Product goals.
  3. Analyze existing and planned: architectures, dependencies, integrations.
  4. Find areas of technical overlap/duplication where shared efforts could/should exist.
  5. Aid with coordinating technical transition and engineering roadmap for Ops Section growth.


The group is organized similar to a working group but continues on an ongoing basis and utilizes: