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Verify Team

Verify Team

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For an understanding of what this team is going to be working on take a look at the product vision.


The Verify Team is focused on all the functionality with respect to Continuous Integration and Verification.

This team maps to Verify devops stage.

Team Members

The following people are permanent members of the Verify Team:

Person Role
Elliot Rushton Engineering Manager, Verify (CI)
Tomasz Maczukin Backend Engineer, Verify (CI)
Matija Čupić Junior Backend Engineer, Verify (CI)
Steve Azzopardi Backend Engineer, Verify (CI)
Drew Cimino Backend Engineer, Verify (CI)
Fabio Pitino Senior Backend Engineer, Verify (CI)

Stable Counterparts

The following members of other functional teams are our stable counterparts:

Person Role
John Hampton Frontend Engineering Manager, Release (CD), Verify (CI) & Package
New Vacancy - John Hampton (Interim) Frontend Engineering Manager, Verify
Dimitrie Hoekstra Product Designer, Verify (CI)
Alex Hanselka Site Reliability Engineer, Verify, Release, Fulfillment
Filipa Lacerda Senior Frontend Engineer, Verify (CI) & Delivery
Mike Nichols Product Designer, Verify (CI)
Brendan O'Leary Senior Product Manager, Verify
Miranda Fluharty Frontend Engineer, Verify (CI)
New Vacancy - Elliot R. (Interim) Engineering Manager, Verify (CI)
Evan Read Senior Technical Writer, Manage, Verify, Configure, Growth
Scott Hampton Frontend Engineer, Verify (CI)
Zeff Morgan Senior Test Automation Engineer, Verify


Like most GitLab backened teams we spend a lot of time working in Rails on the main GitLab CE app, but we also do a lot of work in Go which is the language that GitLab Runner is written in. Familiarity with Docker and Kubernetes is also useful on our team.

How to work with us

On issues

Issues the Verify team works on have the ~"Verify" label. Issues that contribute to the verify stage of the devops toolchain have the ~"devops::verify" label.