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Engineering Productivity team

GitLab Team Handle @gl-quality/eng-prod
Slack Channel #g_qe_engineering-productivity
Team Boards Team Board & Priority Board
Issue Tracker quality/team-tasks

Areas of Responsibility

Team Members

Person Role
Kyle Wiebers Interim Quality Engineering Manager, Engineering Productivity
Rémy Coutable Staff Backend Engineer, Engineering Productivity
Mark Fletcher Backend Engineer, Engineering Productivity
Jen-Shin Lin Backend Engineer, Engineering Productivity
Albert Salim Senior Backend Engineer, Engineering Productivity


  1. GitLab CI Pipeline configuration optimization and stability.
  2. GitLab provisioning.
  3. GitLab Insights (native) and Engineering Metrics for measurements of Quality and Productivity.
  4. GitLab triage operations for issues, merge requests, community contributions.
  5. GitLab Triage engine maintenance.
  6. GDK (GitLab Development Kit) (to be moved to a dedicated team in Development)
  7. GCK (GitLab Development Kit based on Docker Compose) in beta (to be moved to a dedicated team in Development)
  8. GitLab Docs (to be moved to a dedicated team in UX)

Engineering productivity team metrics

The Engineering Productivity team creates metrics in the following sources to aid in operational reporting.

Product MRs merged per Product team member per month

This metric captures how many Merge Requests are merged into customer facing projects divided by the number of product team members.

Customer facing projects are projects which would come with an installation of GitLab. The current list can be found with all the projects identified in the projects_part_of_product.csv file in the gitlab-data/analytics project.

Product team member is defined as all non-VP or Director role in Development, UX, Quality, and Product Management.

Requesting new projects to be included

With this measure, there is a preference towards adding new projects into the existing product. In the event that a new GitLab project is included in the product that a customer would receive then please open an issue on the quality team tasks project.

Within the issue, please add details on how this project is included with an Omnibus or Cloud Native installation of GitLab for consideration by the Engineering Productivity team. The team will evaluate the request and make any updates to charts and metrics in the sources listed above.

Communication guidelines

The Engineering Productivity team will make changes which can create notification spikes or new behavior for GitLab contributors. The team will follow these guidelines in the spirit of GitLab's Internal Communication Guidelines.

Pipeline changes

For changes which dogfood new pipeline features or changes to the pipeline flow, the team will communicate on the company call, add to the Engineering Week in Review, and #development in Slack.

For all other pipeline changes, the team will add to the Engineering Week in Review and #development in Slack.

Automated triage policies

Communication guidelines are documented on the triage-ops handbook page