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Debugging QA Test Failures
Tips and Tricks


Guidelines are high-level directives on how we carry out operations and solve challenges in the Quality Engineering department.

Submitting and Reviewing code

For test automation changes, it is crucial that every change is reviewed by at least one Senior Test Automation Engineer in the Quality team.

We are currently setting best practices and standards for Page Objects and REST API clients. Thus the first priority is to have test automation related changes reviewed and approved by the team. For test automation only changes, the quality team alone is adequate to review and merge the changes.

Test Automation & Planning

Test Failures

Debugging Test Failures

See Debugging QA Pipeline Test Failures


Test failure priorities are defined as follow:

Building as part of GitLab

Quality Department pipeline triage rotation

This is a schedule to share the responsibility of debugging/analysing the failures in the various scheduled pipelines that run on multiple environments.

Please refer to the Debugging Failing tests guidelines for an exhaustive list of scheduled pipelines and for specific instructions on how to do an appropriate level of investigation and determine next steps for the failing test.



**January 2020 February 2020 March 2020 April 2020 May 2020 June 2020**
Start Date DRI Secondary
2019-01-06 Tomislav Nikić Rémy Coutable
2020-01-13 Rémy Coutable Walmyr Lima e Silva Filho
2020-01-20 Walmyr Lima e Silva Filho Grant Young
2020-01-27 Grant Young Nailia Iskhakova
2019-02-03 Nailia Iskhakova Mark Fletcher
2020-02-10 Mark Fletcher Jennie Louie
2020-02-17 Jennie Louie Mark Lapierre
2020-02-24 Mark Lapierre Zeff Morgan
2020-03-02 Zeff Morgan Jen-Shin Lin
2020-03-09 Jen-Shin Lin Désirée Chevalier
2020-03-16 Désirée Chevalier Dan Davison
2020-03-23 Dan Davison  
2020-03-30   Sanad Liaquat
2020-04-06 Sanad Liaquat Albert Salim
2020-04-13 Albert Salim Tomislav Nikić
2019-04-20 Tomislav Nikić Erick Banks
2019-04-27 Erick Banks Walmyr Lima e Silva Filho
2019-05-04 Walmyr Lima e Silva Filho Rémy Coutable
2019-05-11 Rémy Coutable Tiffany Rea
2019-05-18 Tiffany Rea Grant Young
2020-05-25 Grant Young Sofia Vistas
2020-06-01 Sofia Vistas Nailia Iskhakova
2019-06-08 Nailia Iskhakova Mark Fletcher
2020-06-15 Mark Fletcher Jennie Louie
2020-06-22 Jennie Louie Mark Lapierre
2020-06-29 Mark Lapierre Zeff Morgan

Responsibilities of the DRI and Secondary for scheduled pipelines

Responsibilities of the DRI and Secondary for deployment pipelines

Engineering productivity team rotation and escalation

In order to provide better input during the planning phase of a release, the schedule will include a member of the Engineering Productivity team during the second week of the month.