Quality Team's Test Engineering Process

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The Quality team leads the test planning for all things related to Engineering work.

Test Plan

GitLab Quality Test plan is based on Google’s 10 min test plan. This team plan uses the ACC Framework (Attribute, Components and Capabilities matrix)

Currently we have a test plan template that is available for test planning in GitLab CE & EE.

You can see the all the existing test plans here:


In addition to Quality, Security is also our top concern. It is expected that with every change and every new feature we need to factor in security risks and mitigate them early in the development process.

The test plan template has a risk column dedicated to Security. The following should be the top priority while assessing risk in Security.

Test Coverage Tracking

The Quality team is currently tracking all the test coverage in GitLab Blackbox Integration & E2E Test Coverage sheet.

An explanation of why we chose to do it this way is explained in this issue: Test case management and test tracking in a Native Continuous Delivery way.

To summarize, we want to track our tests in a Native Continuous Delivery way.

An overview of the test management view is shown below.


Test Planning Process

Everyone in engineering is expected to contribute to Quality and keep our test pyramid in top shape. For every new feature we aim to ship a new slice of the pyramid so we don't incure test automation debt. This is what enables us to do Continous Delivery.