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README of Katrin Leinweber

Katrin's README

Hi, I am Katrin! Biochemist by training, but IT generalist by choice. Having used Git in its various forms since 2014, I am now looking forward to diving deeper into the GitLab-surrounding technologies.

My working style

I tend to jump in quickly upon recognizing a task I can complete, going into sleuthing-around-logs-and-code mode when necessary.

Communicating with me

I enjoy working asynchronously via issues and MRs. Particularly also with GitLab's To Do function. Please use @katrinleinweber liberally.

For urgent, synchronous communication, make my Slack icon jump in macOS' Dock. I'll be there, unless my Slack status indicates preoccupation with another urgent task.

E-mails are fine as well; I check them 2 or 3 times throughout the workday.



Good ideas come to me usually after a good night's sleep, or a walk through the great outdoors.

Because I worked in different sectors and industries, and consume many different podcasts and articles, I think I can rely on a broad base of experiences and problem-solving approaches.

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