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Max Woolf's README

Max Woolf's README

Max Woolf - Senior Backend Engineer, Manage:Compliance

This is a second attempt at a README based on my first 5 months employment at GitLab.

Hey! My name is Max Woolf and this README is an attempt to do a couple of things:

Firstly, for anyone who hasn't met me or is about to for the first time, this document should give you a rough idea about me both professionally and personally. It isn't intended to be a detailed autobiography, but hopefully by its content and tone you might get a better feel for me, as a person, and the way that I tend to communicate.

Secondly, for those of you who have met me you may learn something new, reinforce an idea that you had about me, or maybe even refute something you may have incorrectly assumed!

About me

Technology is my passion. I recently met one of my primary school teachers who told me, even at the age of 9, that she knew I would work with computers. She was right.

Programming and software engineering in particular, are specific passions and have led me to follow the career path that I am currently on. Coming to work every day and solving puzzles using code with teams of like-minded individuals is genuinely what I live for. I am incredibly privileged that my skills are valuable and that I can make a living doing what I love.

I have worked as a full-time software engineer since 2011 and, until starting at GitLab in April 2020, have worked exclusively for small agencies or product startups.

My specific technological interests (right now) are:

I'm always looking to learn new things and spend a great deal of my personal time learning about new technologies. In 2021, I intend to start learning Vue.


The values of Iteration and Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging are very important to me and inform my working practices.

What I assume about others

Communicating with me

Things I'm trying to improve

Finding me

Non-employees can drop me an email ( and I'll try to respond as quickly as possible.

GitLab employees can find me in Slack, either via DM or I'm active in the following channels (amongst others).

Work Social
#s_manage #dog
#g_manage_compliance #mental_health_aware
#f_graphql #coffee-and-tea
#development #dad_jokes
#backend #uk
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