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Security Automation

Our process

Opportunities for security automation originate from the day-to-day operations of other teams, active security abuse, and from internal requirements. If you have an automation idea for anything security-related at GitLab, please add the security-automation label to your issue and we will prioritize requests during our bi-weekly meeting.

Slack bots

Security Pager

The security pager creates the /security command to create urgent security issues as designed to support the security on-call process.


The h1-gitlab project is a suite of tools for integrating HackerOne with GitLab. It creates the /h1import command in our many Slack channels.

Security Release Emails

Coming soon. Scanner

Coming soon.

Third-party service audit ingestion

GitLab uses many third-party services with audit trails that must be centralized for thread analysis and detection.

Audit log storage in ELK

All service logs are stored in a special security-only ELK cluster.

Services in-scope

Service Feature Status Method Project
1Password Activity Log CLI Investigating Poll  
Google Suite Reports API (Watch) Complete Webhook gsuite-ingestor
Okta ? In Progress Poll  
Slack Audit Log API Blocked Poll  

Threat analydid & detection

CI Runner Abuse Detection