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Security Compliance

Security Compliance Mission

  1. Enable GitLab sales by providing customers information and assurance about our information security program and remove security as a barrier to adoption by our customers.
  2. Implement a comprehensive compliance program at GitLab to document and formalize our information security program through independent evaluation.
  3. Reduce and document GitLab risk as it relates to information security.


Our internal roadmap shows our current and planned projects and the currently defined components of work for each.

Active security compliance work includes:

  1. Implement and remediate a prioritized set of security controls needed for PCI, Sarbanes–Oxley (SOX), and SOC2.
  2. Prepare for the SOC2 Type 2 external audit set to kick off around the end of 2020
  3. Meet our SOX-readiness needs relating to our security controls
  4. Meet our PCI compliance needs as a level-4 merchant
  5. Perform ongoing risk assessments of GitLab service and organization
  6. Manage security needs relating to the GitLab procurement process and perform third-party security reviews as needed
  7. Facilitate quarterly access reviews for GitLab as a product and company
  8. Business Continuity Plan testing

GitLab's Control Framework (GCF)

GitLab has adopted an umbrella control framework that provides compliance with a number of industry compliance requirements and best practices. For information about how we developed this framework and a list of all of our security controls, please see the security controls handbook page.

Control and Program/Project Owners

The following are the directly responsible individuals (DRIs) for the different areas within the security compliance team:

Contact the Compliance Team

**Note: If you have an urgent request and you're not getting a response from the above team tags, the security compliance manager (@jburrows001) has their cell phone number in their slack profile. **