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Security Compliance

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Security Compliance Mission

  1. Enable GitLab sales by providing customers information and assurance about our information security program and remove security as a barrier to adoption by our customers.
  2. Implement a comprehensive compliance program at GitLab to document and formalize our information security program through independent evaluation.
  3. Integrate modern compliance features into the GitLab product to make security compliance easier to implement for our customers.


Our internal roadmap shows our current and planned projects and the currently defined components of work for each.

Our Trust Center, shows our current state of industry compliance, our commitment to retaining the trust of our customers, and the direction GitLab is headed in terms of security compliance.

A basic overview of our compliance projects in 2019 include:

  1. Adopt a security control framework as a basis for GitLab's compliance program
  2. Build out the documentation associated with each prioritized security control
    • Clicking on each prioritized security control takes you to guidance page
    • These controls were prioritized based on our security compliance needs over the next 12-18 months and include controls related to SOC2 common criteria and PCI
  3. Perform a gap analysis to establish a baseline/starting point for each of these prioritized controls
    • This gap analysis is currently underway. For more information on the methodology used for this project, please see the related project epic
  4. Perform remediation work to bring each evaluated control to a state of "full compliance" (meaning we believe we would pass an audit of that control)
    • This work will begin in Q3 of FY2020
  5. Perform testing of each control to validate that all control processes are operating effectively
    • This work will begin as controls are determined to be operating effectively

GitLab's Control Framework (GCF)

GitLab has adopted an umbrella control framework that provides compliance with a number of industry compliance requirements and best practices. For information about how we developed this framework and a list of all of our security controls, please see the security controls handbook page.

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