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Design Review Process


Design reviews are mandatory for every, gitlab-ui, and gitlab-svgs merge request, as well as for gitlab-ce and gitlab-ee merge requests that have the UX label added to it.

All designers are maintainers of the gitlab-design project. If you are interested in becoming a Maintainer of UI (.scss) for gitlab-ce, gitlab-ee, and gitlab-ui projects, please follow the Engineering Review Workflow.

To perform a review, you should familiarize yourself with and follow our Code Review Guidelines, Design Contribution Guidelines, and the contribution guidelines for every aforementioned project.

You can find all design reviewers and maintainers by looking on the team page and filtering by UX Department or on the list of GitLab Engineering Projects, both of which are fed by data/team.yml file.

These guidelines describe who would need to review, approve, and merge your (or a community member's) merge request.


All GitLab designers can (and are encouraged to) perform design and code reviews on merge requests that impact product design. This includes contributions from GitLabbers and the wider GitLab community. If you want to review merge requests, you can wait until someone assigns you one, but you are also more than welcome to browse the list of open merge requests and leave any feedback or questions you may have.

Note that while all designers can review all merge requests, the ability to accept merge requests is restricted to maintainers.


Maintainers are GitLab designers who:

Every project has at least one maintainer, but most have multiple, and some projects (like gitlab-ui and have separate maintainers for design and frontend.

As with regular reviewers, design maintainers can be found on the team page or on the list of GitLab Engineering Projects.

Read more about what makes great maintainers in the Engineering Review Workflow.

How to become a maintainer

We follow the same maintainer guidelines as our Engineering counterparts. Read more about guidelines and how to become a maintainer in the Engineering Review Workflow.

Trainee maintainer

We follow the same trainee maintainer program as our Engineering counterparts. Anyone may nominate themselves as a trainee by opening a tracking issue using the Trainee design maintainer template.

During the traineeship, one of the existing design maintainers is assigned as Support Maintainers to each trainee. The Support Maintainer will direct merge requests for review, give feedback on proposals, and discuss process or progress during 1:1 sessions. Trainees can always reach out to other maintainers for feedback and guidance separate from the dedicated Support Maintainer.

Current trainee maintainers

Trainee Support Maintainer
Rayana Verissimo Taurie Davis
Jeremy Elder Taurie Davis
Juan J. Ramirez Pedro Moreira da Silva
Amelia Bauerly Pedro Moreira da Silva