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Research archive

The following is a collection of UX Research broken down by specific areas of GitLab. It is intended to shed insight into key UX design decisions and the data that informed those decisions.


2018-05 CI/CD Adoption Research - Survey Report

2018-05 CI/CD Adoption Research - Interview Report


2017-08 Dashboards (Workflow User Interviews)


2018-09 Software Developer Interviews Report

2018-09 DevOps Engineer Interviews Report

2018-09 Site Reliability Engineer Interviews Report

2018-05 Discoverability of Auto DevOps

2018-03 DevOps Insights: Operations Survey Report

2018-03 DevOps Insights: Operations User Interviews Report

2018-09 How do users interact with their GitLab instance?

2018-09 Interviews with churned users

2018-05 Discovery & Exploration Survey

GitLab Handbook

2018-07 GitLab Handbook Card Sort


2018-01 Issue display & sort order

2017-11 Distinguishing between an issue and merge request

2017-11 Moving an issue between projects

2017-08 Issues (Workflow User Interviews)

2017-02 Issues Filter

2017-02 Exploratory interviews regarding project management / issues.

Merge requests

2018-09 License Management

2017-11 Distinguishing between an issue and merge request

2017-08 Merge Requests (Workflow User Interviews)

2017-07 Merge request page

2018-02 Project & Group Level Tree Testing

2017-12 Project & Group Level Card Sorts

2017-11 Changing the sidebar color

2017-04 1.3 Global vs contextual navigation

2017-04 1.2 General navigation tasks - follow up testing

2017-03 1.1 General navigation tasks

Notifications (Todos, emails, realtime alerts, etc)

2018-05 Should the "participants" feature be merged into a "subscribers" feature?

2017-08 Notifications (Workflow User Interviews)


2018-05 Configuring SSH in GitLab

2017-11 User feedback received via email (D.P)

2017-08 Challenges with onboarding new users (Workflow User Interviews)


2018-06 Permissions and Roles


2018-10 Admin and Project Settings Page Design

2018-08 Project and group list survey

2018-07 Data on project page buttons

2017-11 Creating a new project

2017-08 Projects (Workflow User Interviews)


2018-09 Security-aware Developers Interviews Report

2018-07 Security Dashboard Research

2018-06 SAML closed beta program(GitLab internal viewing only)


2017-08 Wiki (Workflow User Interviews)