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Defend UX


The Defend stage includes all features that help you defend your applications and cloud infrastructure by giving you the ability to identify, catalogue, manage, and remediate threats, vulnerabilities, and risks. For more information about our principles and upcoming features, see our Product Vision page.

While the Secure UX team’s goal is to provide the best experience in taking pre-emptive security measures before deploying your code, the Defend UX team’s goal is to provide the best experience in keeping your application safe after your code is in production. See the Defend and Secure UX page for more about our team and how our two teams work together.


The Defend user is responsible for maintaining the security of their company’s environments and/or applications, through both proactive and reactive measures. They prefer to be proactive by abstracting away from manual, repetitive tasks and moving towards automation.

The Defend user is responsible for risk mitigation, remediation, documenting their processes in timelines and runbooks, collaborating with other teams, meeting compliance standards, and performing root cause analyses.

Typically, these user roles are:

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Primary Jobs To Be Done (JTBD):


Group Features Designer(s)
Threat Management & Behavioral Analytics Risk-Based Vulnerability Management, UBEA, IPS Andy Volpe
Container & Application Security WAF, RASP, Container Network Security, Security Center Andy Volpe, Becka Lippert (interim)

Team meetings

Secure & Defend UX

For more information about the Defend team and how we overlap and collaborate with the Secure team, see the Defend and Secure UX page.