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Enablement UX Team


The Enablement area is made up of Memory, Distribution, Ecosystem and Geo. While these are quite different areas with their own Jobs to Be Done, the over-arching theme is making GitLab easier to install, use and and integrate, so that people can get started fast and without friction, and use GitLab where and when works for them. GitLab believes that everyone can contribute, and this is central to our strategy.

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UX team

How We Work

We follow the workflows outlined in the UX section of the handbook. In addition,

Our customer

Coming soon! We will answer questions like:

Our user

Coming soon! We will answer questions like:

Customer Journey

As a team we feel that it's really important to understand, document and consider the entire customer journey during design. To that end we will document what we know as we learn it and link that documentation here.

Our Jobs to Be Done

Coming soon! We will list the main JTBD, along with links to helpful material such as an XP baseline, usability score, walkthrough video, journey map, recommendations for improvement, etc. Placeholders are good if we know the JTBD but haven't worked on it.

JTBD for Geo


JTBD for Distribution


JTBD for Ecosystem


Our strategy

The Enablement UX team will be work with Enablement PMs to uncover customer's core needs and workflows. Becoming strategic involves gathering research, looking for patterns, and making plans for the best path forward for our customers and users. It is also about deciding what we value most, and how to best work together to achieve our goals.

We are doing activities like this in order to build our strategy: Our approach to this work includes:

Additionally, we value the following: