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Package UX Team


The Package group works on the part of GitLab concerning the Package stage, which integrates with GitLab's CI/CD product. Our mission is to create a secure environment where both source code and dependencies can live by allowing you to publish, consume, and discover packages of a large variety of languages and platforms all in one place.

Package design prioritizes deliveirng value to our users as effectively as possible. While design is an adaptive counterpart to the team, the design process tends to fall into one of two categories:

  1. Large scale vision - This design process is designed to create a large-scale vision and validate the direction with our users. From there, an epic is often created and broken down into small MVC iterations in coordination with the broader team.
  2. Small scale design - This design process focuses more on meeting the immediate need of the team, delivering solutions to edge cases, refining validated experiences, etc. At the highest level, the design focuses on three broad areas:

    1. Providing a seamless experience geared towards storing and accessing packages and container images for safer more reliable builds
    2. Establishing a transparent, performant supply chain of dependencies to ensure everyone can contribute.
    3. Building tools around security policies and vulnerability remediation all while limiting exposure to known vulnerabilities

Our customer

Our customer is anyone who uses GitLab to build, test, and deploy software or would like to leverage a variety of package and/or image registries to manage their dependencies. This sort of customer can be in any size or specific industry. A different customer is a large organization that utilizes several programming languages across teams and they would like to centralize all of their external dependencies in one location, GitLab.

Our user

We consider several different types of users in our experience design effort. Even when a user has the same title, their responsibilities may vary by organization size, department, org structure, and role. Below are some of the personas we serve:

Our team

Our team continues to grow. We currently have 2 members that contribute to Package UX efforts:

Our team meetings

Following in GitLab's tradition of async over sync, a majority of our communication is done through issues and merge requests. We do have a few regular synchronous meetings:

SSOT Design Files

In order to improve transparency, Package UX has created single sources of truth (SSOT) for the product categories included inside of the Package Group. Not all of the categories have corelating SSOT Figma Files.

Category SSOT Design File Epic
Package Registry Figma File &3693
Container Registry Figma File &2899
Dependency Proxy Figma File &2920
Dependency Firewall tbd &5133
Help Chart Registry tbd &2281
Release Evidence tbd &5135
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