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Verify UX Team


The Verify stage includes all features that user automated testing and reporting to help keep strict quality standards for production code. It includes the foundation that allows delivery teams to fully embrace continuous development that automates builds, integration, and verification of their code while accelerating their team's velocity. Testing ranges from unit testing, load testing, all the way to accessibility and usability testing.

The Verify UX team's goal is to streamline, expand, and enable increasingly complex configurations by providing the best management experience when setting up, configuring, or troubleshooting pipelines. Our design mission is to bring to the forefront simple ways to make GitLab the tool of choice for continuous development users.

Our biggest partners are the stages under the CI/CD section (Release & Package), Dev (Create), and Ops (Configure).


Shared UX

We divided the Verify stage into dedicated experience groups to align with a similar split undertaken by our engineering and PM counterparts. To deliver seamless user experiences, we share responsibility in the overall vision, goals, and research initiatives related to overlapping features. The UX teams work closely together and have shared coverage in the following areas:

Our users

We have different user types we consider in our experience design effort. Even when a user has the same title, their responsibilities may vary by organization size, department, organization structure, and role. Here are some of the people we are serving:

Our customers

Customer: Continuous Integration (CI)

Coming soon.

Customer: Testing

Coming soon.

Customer: Runner

Coming soon.

Our UX strategy

We are committed to staying aligned on shared UX with the engineering groups as much as possible, and being the conversation drivers with product managers and other counterparts.

The Verify UX team is working together to uncover customers' core needs, what our users’ workflows look like, and defining how we can make tasks easier. Our strategy involves the following actions:

Strategy Cadence
Jobs to be done framework Quarterly
UX Scorecards and recommendations Quarterly
Opportunity canvas Ad hoc
Stakeholder interviews Ad hoc
User and customer interviews Ad hoc

Visit CI/CD UX to read about the department strategy.

Other initiatives we value

Our UX Scorecards

Primary Jobs to be done (JTBD)

JTBD Description Walkthrough Recent recommendation Rescoring
Setting up GitLab CI When I have created my project, I want to set up automated testing inside GitLab, so I can assure every commit before merging. View issue View issue & view research insights epic View issue
Runner Concept Discovery / Understanding I need to quickly understand the role of runner in their projects CI/CD, how it works, how to configure it and its underlying features. I should be able to setup builds and other Runner specific setups with ease. View issue View issue  

Verify UX Team

Stable counterparts

The following members of other functional teams are our stable counterparts:

Our team meetings

Coming soon

Follow our work

Our youtube channels for Verify (CI) and the Verify Group include UX scorecard walkthroughs, UX reviews, group feedback sessions, team meetings, and more.