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UX Resources



GitLab design project

The GitLab design project is primarily used by the Product Design team to host design files and hand them off for implementation. For details, please visit the project README.

Pajamas Design System

The GitLab Design System, [Pajamas][pajamas], was developed to increase iteration speed and bring consistency to the UI through reusable and robust components. This system helps keep the application DRY and allows designers to focus their efforts on solving user needs, rather than recreating elements and reinventing solutions. It also empowers Product, Engineering, and the Community to use these defined patterns when proposing solutions. It is currently a work in progress.


Our SVG repository manages all GitLab SVG assets by creating an SVG sprite out of icons and optimizing SVG-based illustrations.


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UX research project

The UX research project contains all research undertaken by GitLab's UX researchers and is only used for the organization and tracking of UX research issues.

System usability score

Once each quarter, we run a System Usability Scale (SUS) survey to measure user perception of the GitLab product. We send the survey to members of the wider GitLab community, with the goal of asking for a response from any individual no more than twice per year.

GitLab First Look

At GitLab, we want everyone to be able to contribute. To that end we created First Look where we accept applicants to participate in various studies and testing.

UX design archive

The UX design archive is a collection of key design issues broken down by specific areas of GitLab. It is not a comprehensive list. It is intended to shed insight into key UX design decisions.

From the GitLab team

Not only do our team members create great work for the wider GitLab community, but they also create some amazing industry-related resources to push our craft forward.