Financial Planning Process

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Financial Planning Process

At GitLab, we run a rolling 4 quarter forecast process. This means that we are always looking out a minimum of 12 months when projecting revenue and expenses, and we update those forecasts at least once per quarter. Things move quickly and our forecast needs to iterate quickly to keep up with the business. We plan our expenses at a high level (e-group) and we expect this group to make prioritizations and trade-offs while remaining accountable against the budget parameters. By reforecasting quarterly, we can quickly evaluate and incorporate new initiatives into our forecasting model. That being said, we do follow an annual plan to set our goals and measurement for our top-level targets of revenue, profitability and expense management. We follow the cadence below in our planning process:

Note: During the last quarter of the year, GitLab runs a 5 quarter forecast that aligns with it's annual planning efforts.

2019 Financial Planning Goals

Function 2019 Expense Target
Customer Support 10% of ARR
Customer Solutions 80% of PS Recognized Revenue
Engineering 65% of IACV
Sales 50% of IACV
Marketing 50% of IACV
G&A 10% of Total Operating Expense

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