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Key Meetings


For each executive — and some department leaders — to discuss the key metrics of that department in order to:

  1. Make it much easier to stay up-to-date for everyone.
  2. Be accountable to the rest of the company.
  3. Understand month-to-month variances.
  4. Understand performance against the plan, forecast and operating model.
  5. Ensure there is tight connection between OKRs and KPIs.

Key Metrics

  1. KPIs of that function or department.
  2. OKRs that are assigned to that function.


Meetings are monthly starting on the 10th day after month end. The EBA to the CFO is the Scheduling DRI for the Monthly Key Meetings.


Whereever possible, the goal is to have all Key Meetings in a large block of time. Having back-to-back Key Meetings has the following advantage:

This is preferred, not mandatory. The inability to consolidate Monthly Key Meetings should never block its scheduling but moving towards these is the goal.


Required invites are the CEO, the CFO, and the function head. Optional attendees are all other members of the e-group. The meetings are open to all team members who are interested. The meetings are also to be livestreamed to GitLab Unfiltered. Functions that have these meetings are:

If you would like to be added to a function's Key Meeting post in #key-meetings on Slack.

Meeting Format

There are two meeting formats. The preferred meeting format leverages the KPI Slides project which uses Reveal JS to automate the slide preparation and leverages version control to provide a history of changes over time. Other teams leverage Google Slides for their meetings.

Important notes:

  1. Before every key meeting, the OKR page for the quarter should be updated with the current status of the KRs.
  2. A doc will be linked from the calendar invite for participants to log questions or comments for discussion and to any additional track decisions & action items.
  3. Wherever possible, the KPI or KR being reviewed should be compared to Plan, Target, or industry benchmark.
  4. There is no presentation; the meeting is pure Q&A. Of course, people can ask to talk them through a slide. If you want to present, please post a YouTube video like Todd did and link that from the slide deck, agenda, and/or Slack.
  5. The functional owner is responsible for preparing the document 24 hours advance of the meeting. The owner should update the meeting invite and send to all guests so they know the materials are ready for review.

Also see First Post is a badge of honor.

Automated KPI Slides

The original demo and proposal of using the KPI Slide project is on GitLab Unfiltered (internal).

The KPI Slides project is a GitLab-internal project since it includes KPIs that are not public. Those slides are deployed to GitLab pages (also internal, you must have access to the project to see the website). Each group that presents has one markdown file with their KPIs. Every month, groups create an MR to update that markdown file. The following slides need to be updated with an MR:

The following Key Meetings are automated: (all links are internal)

Google Slides

  1. The functional owner will prepare a google slide presentation with the content to be reviewed.
  2. The finance business partner assigned to the functional area will meet with the owner at least one week in advance and ensure that follow-ups from last meeting have been completed and that data to be presented has proper definitions and is derived from a Single Source of Truth.
  3. The title of every slide should be the key takeaway
  4. A label on the slide should convey whether the metric result is "on-track" (green), "needs improvement" (yellow), or is an "urgent concern" (red).
  5. A blank template still needs labels.