Processing Payroll

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Processing Payroll

GitLab Inc. Payroll Procedures

  1. You will receive a reminder from TriNet the week before payroll closes for each pay period.
  2. If you are handling payroll changes- the email will let you know by what date you must submit those changes.
  3. Enter the dates into your calendar with a reminder for the day before the deadline.
  4. Log into TriNet Passport
  5. My Company=>My Workplace=>Payroll Entry & Admin
  6. You are now on the payroll dashboard
  7. Select the current pay period from the calendar screen in the middle of the page.
  8. Each employee will have a row with the information necessary to document hours (if hourly) and other earnings (this can be commission, reimbursement, etc. There is a drop down menu of options and codes from which to choose).
  9. After you have updated each employee, select the save button.
  10. Do not use the Submit button. It will make adding last minute changes difficult and TriNet will take your last save when processing payroll.
  11. Make sure that you calculate the hours based on the pay days (count them) for each pay period.

All hourly time sheets are kept on the Google Drive and shared with Finance. Each employee will populate the time sheet before the end of the pay cycle.

Additional Begin/End Payment (for adding payment to payroll)

  1. In HR Passport click Find
  2. Select find by Name
  3. Click on Add’l Begin/End Payment
  4. Select Action Type
  5. Select Begin & End date (End date is optional. Note: The Begin date needs to be the start of a pay period, it cannot be in the middle or end of a pay period)
  6. Enter Goal Amount (if applicable)
  7. Enter the Earn Type
  8. Enter the amount per pay period
  9. Enter pay frequency

Please see People Ops for more information on making changes in TriNet.

GitLab BV Pay Slip Distribution Process

All GitLab BV employees receive their payslips within their personal portal of Savvy. They can login and download their payslip to their computer if needed.

UK, Belgium, & India Monthly Payroll Process

Payroll cut off for sending changes is usually the middle of the month (15th-17th), in addition, expenses for the UK should also be submitted at this time as they are paid via the payroll.The payroll provider will send a report for approval to the People Operations email address and copy in the Financial Controller. The Financial Controller will approve the payroll by sending a confirmation email back to the payroll provider. Once processed the payslips are sent electronically directly to the team members for them to access via a password protected system.

Commission Payment Process

  1. Each sales person will receive their own calculation template.
  2. Salesperson is to complete their monthly template four days (payroll will send reminder) prior to first payroll of the month. Upon completion, salesperson will ping a manager for review and approval.
  3. Approving manager will ping accounting upon approval.
  4. Accounting will review and reconcile paid vs unpaid invoices.
  5. Accounting will note in calculation template the amounts to be paid in commission.
  6. Accounting will ping payroll that commission calculation is complete.
  7. Payroll will enter commission into TriNet.