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There are two teams within the Frontend group: General and Performance.

There is a frontend group call every Tuesday, before the team call. You should have been invited when you joined; if not, ask your team lead!

Find the product manager mapping to engineering teams in the product handbook

Frontend Marketing

The Frontend Marketing team is responsible for all frontend content on the website. This website is our homepage. It presents tons of different marketing material to many different users. On this site you will see:

Marketing Frontend Engineers will be responsible for the overall looks of this site with the help of UX.

Frontend team calls

The frontend team has scheduled weekly calls. During this call, team members are encouraged to share information that maybe relevant to share with other members synchronously (Eg. new documentation change, new breaking changes added to master).

Starting in January 2018, we will also be adding a monthly theme to the first call of each month. The purpose of these themes is to add some fun and quirkiness to our team calls (so that we can learn more about each other) but it shouldn't distract or derail into too much off-topic conversation.

How does it work

Date Theme Winner
2018-01-09 Most interesting hat Jose Ivan Vargas
2018-02-13 Most interesting shirt/t-shirt (No GitLab swag) Winnie
2018-03-06 Most interesting sunglasses André
2018-04-03 Most peculiar trip souvenir ?

Choosing something to work on

Prior starting your work on your Deliverable labeled issues take a look at the Next Patch Release issue list.

Release planning

A few days after the 4th of each month, the Frontend team goes through all the issues that have been assigned to the next milestone by the Product Manager and that have the Deliverable label applied by the Backend Lead, regardless of any frontend label it may have.

If the issue requires some work from the Frontend team, and if there is enough capacity to accept the request, the frontend label is applied. If, for any reason, an issue cannot be scheduled, a note should be added to inform everyone about that. Obviously, when choosing which issue has to be rejected, the Frontend Lead can ask for more details to both the Product Manager or the Backend Lead that are responsible for the specific issue.