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GitLab Onboarding Processes

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Onboarding Processes

This page is a guide for People Ops when onboarding new team members. All onboarding tasks and guidelines for new team members are in the People Ops Onboarding Issue. Each onboarding issue is structured with general tasks at the top and department or role-specific tasks below. In some cases, specific task may link to a supplemental issues such as in-depth training. All new hires will receive all invitational access to their GitLab email, GitLab accounts, and any other work-related accounts on Day 1.

PeopleOps needs, at minimum, 3 business days from when the offer/contract is signed by the candidate before they can start.

Onboarding Issue Tasks

Ordering Supplies

If a GitLab team-member is in need of supplies and is unable to purchase the items themselves, People Ops can place the order, per Spending Company Money.

Use the Amazon business account for all Amazon links. In order to see what is available to ship in each country use that country's Amazon website to sign in, place the order, and ship.

For Apple products we have a relationship with Bay Street Business to place all orders and act as our liaison.

After an order has been placed or a laptop has been shipped, update Finance and BambooHR via asset tracking.

Adding a New Team Member to BambooHR

As part of onboarding, People Ops will process new hires in BambooHR. Aside from the steps listed in the onboarding issue, this is a description of how to add the proper information into BambooHR.

Personal Tab

  1. Verify the team member was given an Employee ID number.
  2. Enter the appropriate Country.
  3. Region: Should either be Americas, EMEA, or JAPAC.
  4. Verify the work email is entered.

Jobs Tab

  1. Hire Date - This will be blank. Make sure to enter in the correct date.
  2. Role
    • Leader - if director or above
    • Manager - if has any direct reports
    • Individual Contributor - all others
  3. Cost Center - Leave blank for now. This will become relevant as we scale.
  4. Payroll Type
    • Employee - paid through Payroll
    • Contractor - IND - Independent Contractor agreement
    • Contractor - C2C - Contractor Company agreement
  5. Exception to IP Agreement - If they answered Yes, on the IP agreement in the contract. Also, send the text for the exception in an email to the VP of Engineering for approval. File the approved email in BambooHR.
  6. Compensation Table
    • Effective Date - Hire Date
    • Pay Rate - Entered as if it were a payroll amount. For example, a US employee would be entered as their yearly amount divided by 24 payrolls in a year. A contractor would have their monthly contract amount listed.
    • Pay Per - Monthly for contractors and employees paid once per month, Pay Period for all other employees
    • Pay Type - Use either Salary or Hourly for employees, or Contract for contractors.
    • Pay Schedule - Select the pay period. Currently we have twice a month for the US, and monthly for all others.
    • Overtime - This is the FLSA Code - This will either be exempt or non-exempt depending on how the role is classified. If there are questions on the classification, please ask the People Ops Analyst.
    • Change Reason - Hire
    • Comment - Please add any comments that are relevant from the contract terms.
  7. Pay Frequency (Note: Pay Frequency times pay rate should equal annual compensation)
    • 12.96 for GitLab B.V. employees in the Netherlands
    • 13.92 for GitLab B.V. employees in Belgium
    • 24 for GitLab Inc. employees in the United States
    • 12 for everyone else paid monthly
  8. On Target Earnings
    • If the team member does not have any variable compensation, enter "No" in the Variable Pay box, then do not add any additional information in the table. If yes, continue.
    • Add the effective date, annual amount of the variable component in local and USD, and the OTE in local and USD.
    • Lastly, add the cadence to which the variable component is paid out.
  9. Currency Conversion
    • The effective date is either January 1 or July 1, whichever is more recent. Every January and July, the People Ops Analyst will conduct a currency conversion for all team members.
    • Use Oanda for the currency conversion. Always convert the currency from local currency into USD so that we remain consistent.
    • Enter the currency conversation factor from Oanda with all 5 decimal places.
    • Enter the Local Annual Salary with the appropriate currency code and the converted salary in USD.
  10. Job information
    • Effective Date - Hire Date
    • Location - Which entity the new team member is contracted through.
    • Division - Enter the appropriate division from the dropdown.
    • Department - Enter the appropriate department from the dropdown.
    • Job Title - Choose the job title. If it does not exist already, scroll to the bottom, click "Add New" and save the new job title.
    • Reports To - Select their manager.
    • Enter whether the team member is part-time or full-time. Any comments? Add them to the compensation table.
  11. Employment Status
    • Enter the hire date and set the status to active. Also leave a comment if there is anything of note in the contract.
    • For new team members from GitLab LTD, Lyra, SafeGuard Spain, and SafeGuard Ireland have a three month probation period.
    • Team members from GitLab GmbH will have a six month probation period. Set the status to probation period. This sets up an alert for the manager and People Ops automatically, 2 weeks, 1 week, and a day before the probation period expires. Details of the probation period process can be found on the contracts page.
  12. For employees of HRSavvy, LYRA, and CIIC email the Employee ID number to our contact to align our systems.

Benefits Tab

  1. Stock Options
    • Enter the start date
    • Employee or Contractor (This should match Payroll Type on the Jobs Tab)
    • Enter the number of shares from the contract.

Auditing the BambooHR Entry

  1. Download a copy of the contract from the Documents Tab. Verify the information (start date, title, stock, etc) matches the entries in BambooHR as outlined in Adding a New Team Member to BambooHR.
  2. If all the information is correct, mark the new hire as complete on the "Payroll Changes Report" in BambooHR.

Settings in BambooHR

Changing a Format (Example: Date)

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Choose Account
  3. Select General Settings
  4. Change the date format to match desired output

Add a New Division

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Select Employee Field
  3. Select Division
  4. Add new division

Auditing System Changes

At the end of each week a representative from People Operations will review all data entered into BambooHR through the Payroll Change Report for audit purposes. Once a month an audit should be conducted from all payroll providers to ensure the salary information matches BambooHR.

Analyst Onboarding Tasks

  1. Audit the BambooHR Entry
  2. Add to the compensation calculator
    • Add the Employee ID, First Name, Last Name
    • All other items in Blue are to be entered. Columns in black are formulas that need to be carried down.
    • Ensure the Locality follows the criteria for geo areas.
    • If the team member is over range for their compensation, the Metics column will read as false. Please copy the formula down to generate the adjusted location factor for metrics reporting. For Sales, the Benchmark will need to be manually inputted based on the Sales Comp spreadsheets.
  3. Create a new profile in Lumity (if a US team member)
    • Login to Lumity
    • Click your name and then switch to admin view
    • Under employees, select manage.
    • Click Hire Employee and enter information as prompted.
    • Benefits plans are dependent on the state the new hire lives in. OOS stands for Out of State and should be selected if the new team member does not reside in California, Hawaii, or Colorado.
  4. Create a new profile in Betterment
    • Login to Betterment's Business Account (this is different than the personal account)
    • Click Employees
    • Click add an Employee
    • Enter all information as prompted
    • All new team members in the US are primary, not part of a union, able to access a computer, and eligible to participate (except interns).