Accounting Hiring

Accounting Location Factor

Accounting people with no location factor

The following people in Accounting do not have a location_factor property set in team.yml. They are not included in chart above.

Name Role
Sheetal Jain Senior Internal Audit Manager
Melody Maradiaga Senior Manager, Accounting and External Reporting
Lori Lamb Senior Accounts Payable Specialist
Ramakrishnan Hariharan Director, Technical Accounting
Kim Stithem Senior Manager, Accounting
Shannon Silmon Billing Specialist
Haseeb Ullah Khan Senior Billing Specialist
Makesh S. Manager, Accounting
Dale Brown Principal Accounting Officer
Tiffany Saunders Accounts Payable Specialist
Toni Dominique Sr. Stock Administrator
Erika Graves Senior International Reporting Accountant
Kathryn Steffenson Senior International Reporting Accountant
Harinakshi Poojary Senior Internal Auditor
Ashley Campbell General Ledger Accountant
Sara Honeycutt Director - Corporate Controller
Luis Angulo General Ledger Accountant
Andrew Murray Director of Revenue
Aidan Pender. Billing Specialist
Gricelda Gonzalez Quinones General Ledger Accountant
Courtney Cote Accounts Payable Specialist
Maria Fitzgerald Revenue Accountant
Stephen Duggan Senior Revenue Accountant
Kayoko Cooper Senior Manager, Accounts Payable
Tessa Hornsby Junior General Ledger Accountant
Vitorino Coelho Tax Accountant
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