CICD Section Hiring

CICD Section Vacancies Overdue

The following CICD Section vacancies are overdue to be filled. They are counted toward today on the chart above.

Role Start Date
Backend Engineer, Verify (CI) 2019-06-01
Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration 2019-10-01
Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration 2019-10-01
Frontend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration 2019-12-01

CICD Section Location Factor

CICD Section people with no location factor

The following people in CICD Section do not have a location_factor property set in team.yml. They are not included in chart above.

Name Role
Grzegorz Bizon Staff Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Tomasz Maczukin Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Matija Čupić Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Shinya Maeda Senior Backend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
William Chia Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Native & IaC and Intern Product Manager, Monitor:Health</a>
Elliot Rushton Engineering Manager, Verify:Runner
Steve Azzopardi Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Jason Yavorska Director of Product, CI, Runner Progressive Delivery & Package
John Hampton (Interim) Engineering Manager, Release:Release Management
Scott Hampton Frontend Engineer, Verify:Testing
Nathan Friend Senior Frontend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Darby Frey Engineering Manager, Verify:Continuous Integration
Darby Frey (Acting) Director of Engineering, CI/CD
Andrew Fontaine Frontend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Miranda Fluharty Frontend Engineer, Verify:Testing
Vladimir Shushlin Backend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo Senior Frontend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Drew Cimino Backend Engineer, Verify:Testing
Jason Goodman Backend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Krasimir Angelov Backend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Tim Rizzi Senior Product Manager, Package
Fabio Pitino Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Daniel Croft Engineering Manager, Package
Steve Abrams Backend Engineer, Package
Nick Kipling Senior Frontend Engineer, Package
Orit Golowinski Senior Product Manager, Release:Progressive Delivery
Etienne Baqué Backend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Giorgenes Gelatti Backend Engineer, Package
Sean Carroll Senior Backend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Marius Bobin Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Erick Bajao Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Testing
Jake Burden Frontend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Payton Burdette Frontend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
James Heimbuck Senior Product Manager, Verify:Testing
Nicolò Maria Mezzopera Senior Frontend Engineer, Package
Darren Eastman Senior Product Manager, Verify:Runner
David Fernandez Senior Backend Engineer, Package
Daniel Cipoletti Frontend Engineering Manager, Verify
Hayley Swimelar Backend Engineer, Package
Thao Yeager Senior Product Manager, Verify:Continuous Integration
Georgi Georgiev Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Jackie Meshell Senior Product Manager, Release:Release Management
Furkan Ayhan Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
João Pereira Senior Backend Engineer, Package
Joanna Shih Quality Engineering Manager, Ops & CI/CD
Jaime Martínez Backend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Chase Southard Engineering Manager, Release:Progressive Delivery
Maxime Orefice Backend Engineer, Verify:Testing
Pedro Pombeiro Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Frédéric Caplette Frontend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Amy Troschinetz Senior Backend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Ricky Wiens Engineering Manager, Verify:Testing
Lyubomir Raykov Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Nicole Williams Frontend Engineering Manager, Release (CD)
Cheryl L. Engineering Manager, Verify:Continuous Integration

CICD Section vacancies with no location factor

The following vacancies in CICD Section do not have a location_factor property set in team.yml. They are not included in chart above.

Slug Role
be-verify-9 Backend Engineer, Verify (CI)
dev-ci-1 Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
dev-ci-2 Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
fe-verify-1 Frontend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration