CICD Section Hiring

CICD Section Location Factor

CICD Section people with no location factor

The following people in CICD Section do not have a location_factor property set in team.yml. They are not included in chart above.

Name Role
Grzegorz Bizon Staff Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Tomasz Maczukin Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Jose Ivan Vargas Frontend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Matija Čupić Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Shinya Maeda Senior Backend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Sam Beckham Frontend Engineering Manager, Verify (Interim)
Elliot Rushton Backend Engineering Manager, Verify:Runner
Steve Azzopardi Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
John Hampton Backend Engineering Manager, Package
Scott Hampton Senior Frontend Engineer, Verify:Testing
Nathan Friend Senior Frontend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Darby Frey Senior Manager, Engineering, Verify
Andrew Fontaine Frontend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Miranda Fluharty Frontend Engineer, Verify:Testing
Vladimir Shushlin Backend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo Senior Frontend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Drew Cimino Backend Engineer, Verify:Testing
Jason Goodman Backend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Krasimir Angelov Backend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Tim Rizzi Senior Product Manager, Package
Fabio Pitino Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Daniel Croft Senior Manager, Engineering, Package & Release (interim)
Laura Montemayor Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Steve Abrams Backend Engineer, Package
Adrien Kohlbecker Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Orit Golowinski Senior Product Manager, Release:Progressive Delivery
Etienne Baqué Backend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Giorgenes Gelatti Backend Engineer, Package
Miguel Rincon Senior Frontend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Sean Carroll Senior Backend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Marius Bobin Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Erick Bajao Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Testing
Jake Burden Frontend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Payton Burdette Senior Frontend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
James Heimbuck Senior Product Manager, Verify:Testing
Nicolò Maria Mezzopera Senior Frontend Engineer, Package
Allison Browne Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Darren Eastman Senior Product Manager, Verify:Runner
David Fernandez Senior Backend Engineer, Package
Hayley Swimelar Backend Engineer, Package
Thao Yeager Senior Product Manager, Verify:Continuous Integration
Georgi Georgiev Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Jackie Porter Senior Product Manager, Release:Release Management
Furkan Ayhan Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
João Pereira Senior Backend Engineer, Package
Jaime Martínez Backend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Chase Southard Backend Engineering Manager, Release:Progressive Delivery
Maxime Orefice Backend Engineer, Verify:Testing
Pedro Pombeiro Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Frédéric Caplette Frontend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Amy Troschinetz Senior Backend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Ricky Wiens Backend Engineering Manager, Verify:Testing
Nicole Williams Frontend Engineering Manager, Release (CD)
Cheryl Li Backend Engineering Manager, Verify:Continuous Integration
Arran Walker Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
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