Community Relations Hiring

Community Relations Location Factor

Community Relations people with no location factor

The following people in Community Relations do not have a location_factor property set in team.yml. They are not included in chart above.

Name Role
Abubakar Siddiq Ango Developer Evangelism Program Manager
Brendan O'Leary Senior Developer Evangelist
Borivoje 'Bora' Tasovac Junior Community Advocate
Ray Paik Code Contributor Program Manager
David Planella Director of Community Relations
Emily Cook Senior Community Advocate
John Coghlan Manager, Developer Evangelism
Samantha Lee Community Advocate
Christina Hupy, PhD Senior Education Program Manager
Lindsay Olson Senior Community Advocate
Nuritzi Sanchez Senior Open Source Program Manager
Michael Friedrich Developer Evangelist
Annie Huang Community Advocate
Beth Vanderkolk Sr. Community Advocates Manager
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