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Company people with no location factor

The following people in Company do not have a location_factor property set in team.yml. They are not included in chart above.

Name Role
Sid Sijbrandij Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Board of Directors
Marin Jankovski Senior Engineering Manager, Infrastructure, Delivery & Scalability
Dmitriy 'DZ' Zaporozhets Co-founder, Fellow of initial delight
Robert Schilling Core Team member
Jacob Vosmaer Staff Backend Engineer, Scalability
Haydn Mackay Regional Sales Director, US West
Valery Sizov Senior Backend Engineer, Geo
Douwe Maan Engineering Lead, Meltano
Robert Speicher Senior Backend Engineer, Delivery
Kamil Trzciński Distinguished Engineer, Ops and Enablement
Bruce Armstrong Board of Directors
Emily Kyle Manager, Corporate Events and Branding
Paul Machle Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Drew Blessing Backend Engineer, Manage:Access
Yorick Peterse Staff Backend Engineer, Delivery
Rubén Dávila Backend Engineer, Fulfillment
Gabriel Mazetto Backend Engineer, Geo
Grzegorz Bizon Staff Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Douglas Barbosa Alexandre Staff Backend Engineer, Geo
Achilleas Pipinellis Senior Technical Writer, Enablement
Tomasz Maczukin Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Rémy Coutable Staff Backend Engineer, Engineering Productivity
Luke Babb Manager, Creative
James Lopez Backend Engineering Manager, Fulfillment
Timo Schuit Strategic Account Leader
Zeger-Jan van de Weg Backend Engineering Manager, Gitaly
Felipe Artur Backend Engineer, Plan:Portfolio Management & Plan:Certify
David 'DJ' Mountney Staff Distribution Engineer
Annabel Dunstone Gray Product Designer, Secure
Richard 'Reb' Baum Sr. Solutions Architect & Bacon Ambassador
Stan Hu Engineering Fellow
Sean McGivern Staff Backend Engineer, Scalability
Mark Fletcher Backend Engineer, Engineering Productivity
Christian Couder Senior Backend Engineer, Gitaly
Marcia Ramos Senior Technical Writer, Create (Source Code, Knowledge, Static Site Editor, Editor)
Eliran Mesika Director,Corporate Development
Jen-Shin Lin Senior Backend Engineer, Engineering Productivity
Alejandro Rodríguez Site Reliability Engineer
Brittany Rohde Senior Manager, Total Rewards
Hannes Rosenögger Core Team member
Taurie Davis Product Design Manager, FE/UX Foundations
Alex Hanselka Site Reliability Engineer
Julie Manalo Account Executive, Mid-Market
Ahmad Sherif Site Reliability Engineer
Abubakar Siddiq Ango Developer Evangelism Program Manager
Nick Thomas Staff Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Arihant Godha Senior Support Engineer (APAC)
Dimitrie Hoekstra Product Designer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Erica Lindberg Senior Manager, Global Content
Mike Greiling Senior Frontend Engineer, Ecosystem
Athar Hameed Senior Support Engineer (APAC)
Pedro Moreira da Silva Staff Product Designer, Create:Source Code
Joe Drumtra Strategic Account Leader (Pacific Northwest Area)
Kyla Gradin Account Executive, Mid-Market
Elsje Smart Senior Manager, EMEA Sales Development
Jason Plum Staff Distribution Engineer
Emily von Hoffmann UX Research Coordinator
Clement Ho Frontend Engineering Manager, Monitor
Lee Matos Senior Support Engineering Manager
Ian Baum Senior Distribution Engineer
Cindy Pallares Site Reliability Engineer
Kushal Pandya Senior Frontend Engineer, Plan:Portfolio Management, Plan:Certify
Jose Ivan Vargas Frontend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Rebecca Dodd Managing Editor
Sarah Jones UX Research Manager
James Komara Area Sales Manager
Balasankar "Balu" C Distribution Engineer
Matija Čupić Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Harish Ramachandran Senior Support Engineer (Americas East)
Collen Kriel Support Engineer (EMEA)
Toon Claes Senior Backend Engineer, Geo
Jarka Košanová Senior Backend Engineer, Plan:Portfolio Management & Plan:Certify
Xiaogang Wen 温小刚 Solutions Architect (APJ)
Mark Rogge Regional Sales Director, US East
Joshua Lambert Group Manager, Product Management, Enablement
Eric Eastwood Backend Engineer, Gitter
Ben Kochie Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Andrew Newdigate Distinguished Engineer, Infrastructure
Peter McCracken Strategic Account Leader
Simon Knox Senior Frontend Engineer, Plan:Project Management
Adam Johnson Area Sales Manager (US East Named Accounts)
Mark Bell Strategic Account Leader
Adam Mulvany Support Engineer (APAC)
Adam Olson Area Sales Manager (EastCentral)
Bob Van Landuyt Senior Backend Engineer, Scalability
Paul Almeida Director of Public Sector Sales
Vitaliy Klachkov Core Team member
Simon Williams Strategic Account Leader
Kristen Lawrence Director of Customer Success, Public Sector
Conor Brady Account Executive, Mid-Market
Chloe Whitestone Technical Account Manager
Brent Caldwell Federal Inside Sales Manager
Jameson Burton Associate Marketing Operations Manager
Tim Zallmann Director of Engineering, Dev
Michael Kozono Staff Backend Engineer, Geo
Larry Biegel Strategic Account Leader
John Woods Manager, Technical Account Managers, West
Chenje Katanda Technical Account Manager
David Thomas "DT" Solutions Architect
Shinya Maeda Senior Backend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Victor Hernandez Solutions Architect
John 'Jarv' Jarvis Staff Site Reliability Engineer, Delivery
Matt Mullenweg Board Observer
Alessio Caiazza Staff Backend Engineer, Delivery
Joel Krooswyk Manager, Solutions Architects, Public Sector
Jordan Goodwin Strategic Account Leader
Micaël Bergeron Senior Backend Engineer, Global Search
Jacie Bandur Learning and Development Generalist
Nico Ochoa Strategic Account Leader
Davin Walker Support Engineer (Americas Central)
Cristine Sotomango Marquardt Payroll Specialist
James Ramsay Group Manager, Product Management, Create
Chris Maurer Manager, Solutions Architects, Public Sector
Alex Strachan Senior Support Engineer (APAC)
David Wells Strategic Account Leader
Chris Cornacchia Strategic Account Leader
Eric Johnson Executive Vice President of Engineering
Francisco Javier López Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Editor
Aric Buerer Senior Support Engineer (Americas Central)
William Chia Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Native & GitOps
Jim Torres Strategic Account Leader
Mayra Cabrera Senior Backend Engineer, Delivery
Brendan O'Leary Senior Developer Evangelist
Brett Walker Senior Backend Engineer, Plan:Project Management
Jim Riley Federal Area Sales Manager - Public Sector
Nadia Vatalidis Senior Manager, People Operations
Takuya Noguchi Core Team member
Hannah Schuler Sales Development Manager, AMER - Named Enterprise
Jan Provaznik Senior Backend Engineer, Plan:Portfolio Management & Plan:Certify
Ralf 'gronk' Gronkowski Manager, Customer Success, EMEA
Jessica Mitchell People Business Partner
Brooke Williamson SMB Account Executive
Paul E. Duffy Strategic Account Leader
Michael Hamilton Sales Development Manager, Enablement
Adam Pestreich SMB Account Executive
Thiago Presa Support Engineer (Americas East)
David Astor Manager, Solutions Architects - US East
Patrick Harlan Manager, Technical Account Managers
Katherine Okpara UX Researcher, Create
Justin Haley Strategic Account Leader
Ralph Kompare Federal Area Sales Manager
Craig Pepper Public Sector Inside Sales Representative
James Ritchey Security Manager, Application Security
Aricka Flowers Manager, Digital Production
Philippe Charrière Technical Account Manager
Jacopo Beschi Core Team member
Lyle Kozloff Senior Support Engineering Manager
Diana Stanley Senior Support Engineer (Americas West)
Laci 'Lah tsi' Videmsky Professional Services Engineer
Joe Miklos Strategic Account Leader
Philippe Lafoucrière Distinguished Backend Engineer, Threat Management, Secure, Defend
Olivier Gonzalez Backend Engineering Manager, Secure:Composition Analysis
Fabien Catteau Staff Backend Engineer, Secure:Composition Analysis
Taylor A. Murphy, PhD Staff Data Engineer, Architecture
Mario de la Ossa Backend Engineer, Plan:Project Management
Tony Scafidi Strategic Account Leader
Ashish Kuthiala Sr. Director of Product Marketing
Andreas Brandl Staff Backend Engineer, Database
André Luís Frontend Engineering Manager, Create:Source Code, Delivery & Scalability
Dylan Griffith Staff Backend Engineer, Global Search
Suri Patel Senior Content Marketing Manager, Dev
Alexander Tanayno Senior Support Engineer (APAC)
Jeremy Watson Group Manager, Product Management, Manage
Jordan Bushong Sales Development Manager, AMER - Enterprise West
Kristie Thomas Executive Business Administrator
Bill Duncan Public Sector Inside Sales Representative
Dennis Tang Frontend Engineering Manager, Manage:Access & Manage:Compliance & Manage:Import
Lukas Eipert Frontend Engineering Manager, Ecosystem
Chase Wright Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis
Michael Miranda SMB Account Executive
Đorđe Šumenković Sales Development Representative, EMEA - Commercial
Anna Piaseczna Senior Billing Specialist
Antonio Mimmo Manager, Field Marketing
John Jeremiah Manager, Product Marketing
Mek Stittri Director of Quality Engineering
Emily Mowry Senior People Experience Associate
Borivoje 'Bora' Tasovac Junior Community Advocate
Roger Ostrander Senior Security Engineer, Trust & Safety
Dan Gordon Manager, Technical Marketing
Michael Snow Business Systems Administrator
Julie Armendariz People Business Partner
Julius Kvedaras Support Engineer (EMEA)
DeAndre Harris Support Engineer (EMEA)
Mark Cesario Solutions Architect
Lisa van de Kooij Account Executive, Mid-Market
Anastasia Pshegodskaya Manager, Sourcing
Daisy Miclat SMB Account Executive
Antony Saba Senior Security Engineer, Strategic Security
Ash McKenzie Staff Backend Engineer, Ecosystem
Matej Latin Senior Product Designer, Growth:Expansion
Jarek Ostrowski Product Designer, FE/UX Foundations
Yannis Roussos Senior Backend Engineer, Database
Paul Slaughter Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Editor
Daniel Gruesso Product Manager, Create:Source Code
Matt Beadle West Enterprise, Inside Sales Representative
Brian Wald Manager, Solutions Architects - US East
Dave Smith Engineering Manager, Reliability Engineering
Michael McBride Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
Mark Chao Backend Engineer, Fulfillment
Imre Farkas Senior Backend Engineer, Manage:Access
Andrew Winata Support Engineer (APAC)
Wayne Zhao SMB Account Executive
Sam Beckham Frontend Engineering Manager, Verify (Interim)
Westley van den Berg Senior Security Analyst, Trust & Safety
Agnes Oetama Senior Marketing Program Manager
Tom Cooney VP of Customer Support
Sean Billow Strategic Account Leader
Vilius "Kavas" Kavaliauskas SMB Account Executive
Leslie Blanchard Director of Field Marketing
Cindy Blake Senior Product Marketing Manager, Security Specialist
Alin Ciciu Support Engineer (EMEA)
Andy Volpe Senior Product Designer, Secure
Michael Leopard Federal Professional Services Engineer
Devin Sylva Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Jay Jewell Public Sector Inside Sales Representative
Alexis D Shaw Public Sector Inside Sales Representative
Marcus Stangl Sales Development Representative, AMER - Enterprise
Glenn Perez Sales Development Representative, APAC
Gerardo "Gerir" Lopez-Fernandez Engineering Fellow, Infrastructure
Stephanie Garza Recruiter
Cynthia 'Arty' Ng Senior Support Engineer (Americas West)
Shane Rice Manager, Inbound Marketing
Kaleb Hill Sales Development Representative, AMER - Enterprise
Dan Davison Senior Software Engineer in Test, Configure
Joyce Tompsett Analyst Relations Manager
Elliot Rushton Backend Engineering Manager, Verify:Runner
Tina Sturgis Manager, Partner and Channel Marketing
Jenny Nguyen Sr. Manager, Global Payroll and Payments
Joseph Davidson Financial Analyst
Ray Paik Code Contributor Program Manager
Ronald van Zon Support Engineer (EMEA)
Marc Kriz Federal Strategic Account Leader
Steve Grossman Solutions Architect
Steve Azzopardi Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Jason Yavorska Director of Product Management, CI/CD
Tristan Williams Support Engineer (Americas West)
Pete Raumann Federal Solutions Architect
Jerome Uy Support Engineer (APAC)
Thong Kuah Staff Backend Engineer, Configure
Craig Barrett Senior Site Reliability Engineer
John T Skarbek Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Delivery
Mark Lapierre Senior Software Engineer in Test, Create:Source Code (primary) & Create:Gitaly (secondary)
Tom Atkins Support Engineering Manager (EMEA)
David Fisher Sales Development Representative, Acceleration
Jan Urbanc Director of Security Operations
David Tacheny Principal Technical Architect
Will Chandler Staff Support Engineer (Americas East)
Muhamed Huseinbašić Senior Support Engineer (EMEA)
Peter Kunkli Sales Development Representative, EMEA - Enterprise
Matt Walsh SMB Account Executive
Ramya Authappan Quality Engineering Manager, Dev
Brandon Jung VP of Alliances
Sanad Liaquat Senior Software Engineer in Test, Manage:Access
Cody West Support Engineer (Americas West)
Jason Colyer Support Operations Manager
Blair Lunceford Senior Support Engineer (Americas Central)
Matthew Jacobson Board of Directors
Robert Marshall Distribution Engineer
Martin Wortschack Frontend Engineering Manager, Manage:Analytics (Interim)
Jackie Gragnola Manager, Marketing Programs
Zsuzsanna Marta Kovacs Sourcer
Evan Read Senior Technical Writer, Create (Gitaly, Gitter)
David Planella Director of Community Relations
Emily Luehrs Manager, Account Based Marketing
Liam McAndrew Backend Engineering Manager, Manage:Access & Manage:Import
Kris Reynolds Manager, Field Enablement Programs
Jose Cores Finotto Staff Database Reliability Engineer
Rachel Nienaber Engineering Manager, Scalability
Trust Ogor Technical Recruiter
Dennis Appelt Staff Security Engineer, Security Research
Peter Leitzen Senior Backend Engineer, Monitor:Health
Alexander Dietrich Senior Security Engineer, Automation
Amelia Bauerly Senior Product Designer, Monitor:Health
Jenny Chapman Sales Development Representative, AMER - Commercial
Shawn Winters Sales Development Representative, Acceleration
Jacques Erasmus Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Static Site Editor
George Tsiolis Core Team member
Victor Brew Public Sector Inside Sales Representative
Shawn Sichak Security Engineer, Trust & Safety
Hugh Christey Strategic Account Leader
Amanda Rueda Product Manager, Growth:Fulfillment
Kelly Murdock Recruiting Manager, Sales, Marketing, & G&A
David Coy Support Engineer (Americas Central)
Ethan Strike Security Manager, Application Security
Eva Petreska Technical Recruiter
Cheri Holmes Staff, Executive Business Administrator
Tony Carella Security Engineer, Security Incident Response Team
Reuben Pereira Backend Engineer, Fulfillment
Kike Adio Candidate Experience Specialist
Akeela Logan Billing Specialist
John Hampton Backend Engineering Manager, Package
Scott Hampton Senior Frontend Engineer, Verify:Testing
Aashish Sharma Sales Development Representative, AMER - Enterprise
Ryan Kimball Sales Development Representative, AMER - Enterprise
Henri Philipps Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Hendrik Meyer Site Reliability Engineer
Rayana Verissimo Senior Product Designer, Release:Release Management
Karen McKinney Billing Specialist
Tye Davis Senior Technical Marketing Manager
Todd Barr Chief Marketing Officer
Aakif Nazir Support Engineer (EMEA)
Matt Nguyen Manager, Digital Marketing
Adrian Waters Solutions Architect
Ben Bodenmiller Core Team member
Brandon Labuschagne Frontend Engineer, Manage:Analytics
Tetiana Chupryna Backend Engineer, Secure:Composition Analysis
Kenny Johnston Sr. Director of Product Management, Ops
Shaun McCann Senior Support Engineering Manager (Interim)
David Hong VP of Field Operations
Emily Cook Senior Community Advocate
Tristan Read Senior Frontend Engineer, Monitor:Health
Heinrich Lee Yu Senior Backend Engineer, Plan:Project Management
Joseph Valeriano Federal Solutions Architect
Anthony Seguillon Sales Development Representative, EMEA - Enterprise
Joe McKairnes Federal Solutions Architect
Natalia Tepluhina Staff Frontend Engineer, Create:Knowledge
Lewis Brown Support Engineer (Americas West)
Peter Huynh Manager, Field Marketing
Derek Knox Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Static Site Editor
Ryan O'Nell VP of Commercial Sales
Hossein Pursultani Distribution Engineer
Brandon Greenwell East Enterprise, Inside Sales Representative
Fernando Arias Senior Frontend Engineer, Secure
Nathan Friend Senior Frontend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Rajat Jain Frontend Engineer, Plan:Portfolio Management & Plan:Certify
John Coghlan Manager, Developer Evangelism
JD Alex Sourcer
Eric Brinkman Senior Director of Product Management, Dev Products
Darby Frey Senior Manager, Engineering, Verify
Phil McKenzie Smith Strategic Account Leader
Brian Cupini Technical Account Manager
João Cunha Backend Engineer, Configure
Jeff Burrows Security Manager, Compliance
Lucas Charles Staff Backend Engineer, Secure:Static Analysis
Anthony Sandoval Engineering Manager, Reliability Engineering
Paul Harrison Staff Security Engineer, Security Incident Response Team
April Hoffbauer Senior Manager, Recruiting Operations and Insights
Stefanie Haynes Senior Executive Business Administrator
James Fargher Senior Backend Engineer, Gitaly
Michael Walker Senior Data Engineer
Samer Akkoub Solutions Architect (APJ)
Timothy Noah Senior Product Designer, Growth:Retention
Nik Sarosy Senior Security Analyst, Compliance
Michael LeBeau Sales Development Representative, Acceleration
Luke Duncalfe Backend Engineer, Create:Knowledge
Tomislav Nikić Software Engineer in Test, Create:Knowledge
Jayson Salazar Senior Security Engineer, Security Automation
Bruno Lazzarin Sales Development Representative, LATAM
Josh Rector Strategic Account Leader
Sarah Yasonik Backend Engineer, Monitor:Health
James McGrew Support Engineer (Americas West)
Francis Potter Senior Solutions Architect
Ezekiel Kigbo Senior Frontend Engineer, Manage:Analytics
Steven Cull Sales Development Representative, AMER - Enterprise
Andrew Fontaine Frontend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Miranda Fluharty Frontend Engineer, Verify:Testing
Patrick Bajao Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Vladimir Shushlin Backend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Zeff Morgan Senior Software Engineer in Test, Verify:Testing
Nichole LaRue Marketing Operations Manager
Robert Kohnke Marketing Operations Data Analyst
Paul Okstad Senior Backend Engineer, Gitaly
Hailey Pobanz Sales Development Manager, EMEA - Enterprise
Ramona Elliott Senior Manager, AMER Sales Development
Maxwell Power Technical Account Manager
Liam McNally Recruiting Lead, Engineering - Development
Carol Teskey Senior Director, People Success
Sara Ahbabou Support Engineer (Americas West)
Tiger Watson Senior Backend Engineer, Configure
Igor Drozdov Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Cameron S McFarland Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Denys Mishunov Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Editor
Michal Wasilewski Site Reliability Engineer
Christopher "Leif" Lefelhocz VP of Development
Susannah Reed Strategic Account Leader, Public Sector
Sophie Pouliquen Technical Account Manager
Kevin Chasse Federal Technical Account Manager
Matt Allen Senior Technical Recruiter
Betsy Church Senior Talent Brand Manager
Mike Lindsay Professional Services Engineer
Hugo Azevedo Solutions Architect
Melissa Smolensky Senior Director of Corporate Marketing
Mayank Tahilramani Alliance Manager
Christie Lenneville VP of UX
Alina Mihaila Backend Engineer, Telemetry
Mark Florian Senior Frontend Engineer, Secure
Małgorzata Ksionek Senior Backend Engineer, Manage:Access
Pavel Shutsin Senior Backend Engineer, Manage:Analytics
Donald Cook Frontend Engineering Manager, Plan
Alexandru Croitor Backend Engineer, Plan:Project Management
Catarina Ferreira Technical Recruiter
Wei-Meng Lee 李伟明 Support Engineering Manager, APAC (Interim)
Sheetal Jain Senior Internal Audit Manager
Erich Wegscheider Recruiting Program Analyst
Lauren Conway Senior Corporate Events Manager
Chrissie Buchanan Content Marketing Manager, Ops
Enrique Alcántara Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Static Site Editor
Chris Novello Federal Channel Sales Manager
Vlad Budica Solutions Architect
Cassiana Gudgenov People Operations Specialist
Ann Tiseo Payroll Specialist
Tanya Pazitny Quality Engineering Manager, Secure & Enablement
Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo Senior Frontend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Ross Fuhrman Backend Engineer, Secure:Static Analysis
Rupert Douglas Senior Technical Recruiter and intern UX Research Coordinator
Marcus Carter Senior Sales Recruiter
Mark Loveless Senior Security Engineer, Security Research
Danielle Morrill Senior Director of Growth Marketing
Heather Simpson Senior External Communications Analyst, Security
Lisbeth Vinueza Business Systems Analyst
David Hornik Board of Directors
Randy Gottfried Advisor
George Hoyem Board Observer
Kyle Doherty Board Observer
Igor Groenewegen-Mackintosh Director of Tax
Sarah Daily Senior Marketing Operations Manager
Tom Plumadore Southeast Area Sales Manager
Jefferson Jones Solutions Architect, Americas (Mid Market)
Ryan Cobb Backend Engineer, Fulfillment
Alexis Ginsberg Senior Product Designer, Plan:Portfolio Management
Kyle Mann Senior Product Designer, Secure & Defend
Melody Maradiaga Senior Manager, Accounting and External Reporting
Itzik Gan-Baruch Technical Marketing Manager
Paul Oakley Sales Development Representative, AMER - Enterprise
Thomas Woodham Backend Engineering Manager, Secure:Static Analysis
Alex Groleau Senior Security Engineer, Automation
Lori Lamb Senior Accounts Payable Specialist
Greg Myers Support Engineer (Americas Central)
Ramakrishnan Hariharan Director, Technical Accounting
Brooks Royer Finance Business Partner
Cristiano Casella Technical Account Manager
Amber Lammers IT Operations System Administrator
Drew Cimino Backend Engineer, Verify:Testing
Kim Stithem Senior Manager, Accounting
Russell Dickenson Senior Technical Writer, Secure (Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis), Growth
Colin Fletcher Manager, Market Research and Customer Insights
Jason Goodman Backend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Illya Klymov Senior Frontend Engineer, Manage:Import
Marcel van Remmerden Product Design Manager, Create
Kripa Joshi Technical Account Manager
Krasimir Angelov Backend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Cyndi Walsh Recruiting Lead, Engineering - Non-Development
Brad Downey Strategic Account Leader (Southern California)
Bartek Marnane Director of Engineering, Growth
Charlie Ablett Senior Backend Engineer, Plan:Portfolio Management & Plan:Certify
Virendra Rana Senior Sourcer
Shannon Silmon Billing Specialist
Ana Desai Federal Solutions Architect
Sean Delea Recruiter
Trevor Knudsen Executive Business Administrator
Dave Munchiello Board Observer
Michael Terhar Federal Technical Account Manager
Valerie Karnes Director of Product Design (Interim)
Mike Nichols Senior Product Designer, Create:Editor
Matt Benzaquen Senior Manager, Sales Strategy
Chun Du Director of Engineering, Enablement
Paul Gascou-Vaillancourt Frontend Engineer, Secure
Yolanda Feldstein Technical Account Manager
Kyle Smith Security Manager, Security Incident Response Team (Interim)
Mike Pyle VP of Enterprise Sales
Kaung Htet Aung Senior Security Engineer, Application Security
David Sakamoto Vice President of Customer Success
Kerri Miller Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Désirée Chevalier Software Engineer in Test, Plan:Project Management (primary) & Plan:Portfolio Management (secondary)
Tali Lavi UX Researcher, Secure
Candace Byrdsong Williams Diversity and Inclusion Partner
Ken McKnight Solutions Architect
Tim Rizzi Senior Product Manager, Package
Nikhil George Senior Security Engineer, Application Security
Evan Whelchel Vice President of Revenue Marketing
Sarah Waldner Senior Product Manager, Monitor:Health
Christopher Timberlake Professional Services Engineer
Bernadett Gal Senior Candidate Experience Specialist
Alyssa Belardi Account Executive, Mid-Market
Sameer Kamani Federal Solutions Architect
Tomas Vik Frontend Engineer, Create:Editor
Valerie Silverthorne Senior Content Editor
Chris Loudon Sales Development Representative, EMEA - Enterprise
Kanwal Matharu Sourcer
Morgan Wilkins Total Rewards Analyst
Fabio Pitino Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Sue Bostrom Board of Directors
Jack Brennan Director, Sales Systems
Steven Wilson Backend Engineering Manager, Distribution
Nicole Schwartz Product Manager, Secure:Composition Analysis
Daniel Croft Senior Manager, Engineering, Package & Release (interim)
Craig Furman Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Jake Sorensen Field Marketing Manager, US East
Russell Wilson Federal Strategic Account Leader, Denver CO
Sara Kassabian Content Editor
Charl de Wit Security Manager, Trust & Safety
David Somers Senior Director, Field Enablement
Alina Moise Senior Sourcer
Alex Kalderimis Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Knowledge
Arina Voytenko SMB Account Executive (EMEA)
Scott Williamson EVP of Product
Karlia Kue Business Systems Analyst
Gerard Hickey Senior Distribution Engineer
Laura Montemayor Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Madison Taft Sales Development Representative, AMER - Enterprise
Adriano S. Fonseca Professional Services Engineer, EMEA
Petar Prokic Professional Services Engineer, EMEA
Markus Koller Backend Engineer, Create:Knowledge
Kelsey Steyn Sales Development Representative, AMER - Enterprise
Fabian Zimmer Senior Product Manager, Geo
Kai Armstrong Senior Product Manager, Create:Editor
Jim Bernstein Strategic Account Leader (Atlanta)
Matt Smiley Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Annette Kristensen Strategic Account Leader
Vlad Stoianovici Senior Support Engineer (EMEA)
Phil Zona Support Engineer (Americas Central)
James Roberts Area Sales Manager, Enterprise - AMER West
Alan Cooke Area Sales Manager, Enterprise - AMER West
Rashad Bartholomew Mid Market Account Executive
Daniel Parry Mid Market Account Executive
Romer Gonzalez Mid Market Account Executive, LATAM
Marsja Jones SMB Account Executive (US West)
Lorna Webster People Business Partner, Sales
Gábor Zaparkanszky Sales Development Representative, EMEA - Enterprise
Pete DiStefano Solutions Architect (US East Enterprise)
Camilo Villanueva Santiago Sales Development Representative, EMEA - Enterprise
Christine Machado Manager, FP&A - Marketing and G&A
Jenny Tiemann Senior Marketing Program Manager
Eugenia Grieff Backend Engineer, Plan:Portfolio Management & Plan:Certify
Jacob Potter Area Sales Manager, AMER - Mid-Market East
Dara Warde Director of Marketing Operations
Kelley Shirazi Senior Program Manager, Commercial Sales Enablement
Samantha Ming Frontend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Nels Nelson Site Reliability Engineer
Jeremy Elder Senior Product Designer, FE/UX Foundations, Visual Design
Rene Verschoor Support Engineer (EMEA)
Chip Digirolamo Strategic Account Leader
Benjamin Ma / 馬志光 Technical Account Manager (APJ)
Justin Boyson Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Aishwarya Subramanian Backend Engineer, Manage:Compliance
Kaley Johnson SMB Account Executive (US East)
Katie Rogel Field Marketing Specialist, NE/SE/Public Sector
Eric Rosenberg Support Engineer (Americas Central)
Dhiraj Bodicherla Senior Frontend Engineer, Fulfillment
Ed Slatt Principal Professional Services Engagement Manager
Anthony Ogunbowale - Thomas Mid Market Account Executive (EMEA)
Chantal Rollison Associate Technical Recruiter
Avielle Wolfe Backend Engineer, Secure:Dynamic Analysis
Steve Abrams Backend Engineer, Package
Kevin Vogt Professional Services Engineer
Matt Nohr Backend Engineering Manager, Create:Knowledge & Create:Editor
Craig Gomes Backend Engineering Manager, Memory
Craig Gomes Backend Engineering Manager, Database
Julianne Gendrano Support Engineer (Americas West)
Chris Willis Mid Market Account Executive (EMEA)
Morgen Smith Sales Development Representative, AMER - Enterprise
René Hoferichter Strategic Account Leader, EMEA
Jacki Bauer Product Design Manager, Growth & Enablement
Costel Maxim Senior Security Engineer, Application Security
Hordur Freyr Yngvason Backend Engineer, Configure
Glen Miller Professional Services Engineer
Adrien Kohlbecker Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Lorie Whitaker Senior UX Researcher, Release and Verify & Enablement
Chris Cruz Senior Sourcer
Aleksei Lipniagov Senior Backend Engineer, Memory
Israa Mahros Mid Market Account Executive (EMEA)
Katie Evans Strategic Account Leader (Mid-Atlantic)
Natasha Woods Director, Corporate Communications
Jo Marquez Professional Services Engineer
Can Eldem Backend Engineer, Secure:Composition Analysis
Manoj M J Backend Engineer, Manage:Access
Qingyu Zhao Senior Backend Engineer, Memory
Patrick Deuley Senior Product Manager, Ecosystem
Darva Satcher Senior Manager, Engineering, Create (Interim)
Emily Chin Senior Production Manager, Corporate Events
Haseeb Ullah Khan Senior Billing Specialist
Jamie Carey Senior Business Systems Analyst
Vitaly Slobodin Senior Frontend Engineer, Fulfillment
Christiaan Conover Manager, Technical Account Managers, U.S. East Enterprise
Jennifer Blanco Senior Security Analyst, Compliance
Brein Matturro Manager, Content Marketing
Dave Pisek Senior Frontend Engineer, Secure
Adam Hegyi Senior Backend Engineer, Manage:Analytics
Aakriti Gupta Backend Engineer, Geo
Grant Young Senior Software Engineer in Test, Enablement:Memory
Jennie Louie Software Engineer in Test, Enablement:Geo Replication
Matthew Macfarlane Sales Development Representative, AMER - Enterprise
Orit Golowinski Senior Product Manager, Release:Progressive Delivery
Todd Stadelhofer Director of Engineering, Secure
Tyler Amos Senior Backend Engineer, Fulfillment
Matt Petrovick Strategic Account Leader
Sharif Bennett Mid Market Account Executive
Rahim Abdullayev Sales Development Representative, EMEA - Commercial
Pranav Polisetty Senior SOX Compliance Analyst
Swetha Kashyap Sales Commissions Manager
Chester Nwachukwu Technical Account Manager (Mid Market East)
Marcel Amirault Technical Writer, Verify (Continuous Integration, Testing), Release (Progressive Delivery)
Chris Nightingale Support Engineer (EMEA)
Suzy Verdin Sales Development Representative, AMER - Enterprise
Chris Graham Strategic Account Leader
Etienne Baqué Backend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Israel Weeks Senior Data Analyst
Mathieu Peychet Senior Data Analyst
Traci Robinson-Williams Senior Product Marketing Manager, Public Sector/Regulated Industries
Jenny Kline Mid Market Account Executive
Ross Mawhinney SMB Account Executive (EMEA)
Phillip Encarnacion Business Systems Specialist
Andrew Kelly Senior Security Engineer, Application Security
Jean du Plessis Backend Engineering Manager, Create:Static Site Editor
Jensen Stava Senior Product Manager, Growth:Acquisition
Christine Saah Public Sector Inside Sales Representative
Steve Xu Mid Market Account Executive
Tony Feldman SMB Account Executive
Liz Corring Strategic Account Leader (NYC)
Aleksandar Bosnic Strategic Account Leader, EMEA
Anja Loether Strategic Account Leader (EMEA)
Darren Murph Head of Remote
Vladimir Brodsky Support Engineer (EMEA)
George Koltsov Backend Engineer, Manage:Import
Hans Frederiks Account Executive, Mid-Market, EMEA
Eduardo Gonzalez Sales Development Representative, AMER - Enterprise
Devin Harris Senior Security Analyst, Field Security
Mo Khan Senior Backend Engineer, Secure:Composition Analysis
Dustin Collins Distribution Engineer
Giorgenes Gelatti Backend Engineer, Package
Greg Johnson Senior Security Engineer, Red Team
Iain Camacho Senior Product Designer, Package
Ammar Alakkad Frontend Engineer, Fulfillment
Robert Hyry Strategic Account Leader (Los Angeles)
Anton Smith Support Engineer (APAC)
Todd Lauver Mid Market Account Executive, Americas
Steven Terhar Federal Technical Account Manager
Michael Bradley Federal Solutions Architect
Margaret Sheridan Public Sector Inside Sales Representative
Ishan Padgotra SMB Account Executive, APAC
Adam Cohen Senior Backend Engineer, Secure:Composition Analysis
Kyle Wiebers Backend Engineering Manager, Engineering Productivity
Zac Badgley Marketing Program Manager
Frederic Loudet Senior Security Engineer, Red Team
Lea Dynah Hanopol Candidate Experience Specialist
Pierre-Adrien Attouche Solutions Architect, EMEA
Julian Thome Senior Security Engineer, Vulnerability Research
Robert Nalen Director, Contracts and Legal Operations
Gabe Weaver Senior Product Manager, Plan:Project Management
Jeremy Jackson Senior Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Retention
Alex Buijs Senior Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Acquisition
Amy Brandenburg Technology Partner Manager
Nasser Mohunlol Strategic Account Leader (EMEA)
Nicki Peric Professional Services Engineer
Seth Berger Backend Engineering Manager, Secure:Dynamic Analysis
Amber Stahn Senior Sales Operations Analyst
Tom Houston Support Engineer (Americas Central)
Megan Mitchell Senior Marketing Program Manager
Seth Berger Backend Engineering Manager (Interim), Secure:Fuzz Testing
Cam Swords Senior Backend Engineer, Secure:Dynamic Analysis
Megan O'Dowd Account Based Marketing Manager
Miguel Rincon Senior Frontend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Olena HK. Senior Frontend Engineer, Monitor:Health
Osnat Vider Technical Account Manager, EMEA
Nicholas Klick Backend Engineering Manager, Configure
Matt Kasa Senior Backend Engineer, Configure
Taharah Nix Candidate Experience Specialist
Julie Braughler Contract Manager
Graeme Gillies Site Reliability Engineer
Brandon Lyon Marketing Web Developer/Designer
Susan Hill Senior Sourcer
Steve Challis Strategic Account Leader (EMEA)
Vadim R Strategic Account Leader (EMEA)
Alishan 'Ali' Ladhani Backend Engineer, Telemetry
Steve Manzuik Security Manager, Red Team
Matt Malcolm Senior Manager, Sales Development, Acceleration
Himanshu Kapoor Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Editor
Steph Sarff Marketing Recruiter
Sam Kerr Principal Product Manager, Secure:Fuzz Testing
Emily Sybrant Product Designer, Growth:Acquisition
Doug Stull Senior Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Expansion
Cal Baker Deal Desk Specialist
Brian Collins Technical Account Manager (Enterprise)
Catalin Irimie Senior Support Engineer (EMEA)
Nourdin el Bacha Support Engineer (EMEA)
Marc DiSabatino Lead, IT Helpdesk Analyst - Americas
Taylor Medlin Solutions Architect, Americas (Mid Market)
Jonathan Venezia <a href=“/job-families/finance/international-tax-manager/“>Manager, International Tax</a>
Sean Carroll Senior Backend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Muhammad Dewji Security Engineer, Security Incident Response Team
Sri Rangan Solutions Architect, EMEA
Sebastián Arcila-Valenzuela Senior Backend Engineer, Manage:Access
Chris Moberly Senior Security Engineer, Red Team
Thomas Randolph Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Tim Hey Principal Product Manager, Growth:Expansion
Vitali Tatarintev Senior Backend Engineer, Monitor:Health
Marius Bobin Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Erick Bajao Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Testing
Chris Baus Engineering Manager, Fulfillment
Rebecca 'Becka' Lippert Product Designer, Secure
Kevin Comoli Product Designer, Growth:Conversion
Sam Awezec Senior Product Manager, Growth:Conversion
Pete Goldberg Director of Partnerships
Jay Swain Senior Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Retention
Alper Akgun Senior Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Conversion
Christopher Chiappe Mid Market Account Executive
Rehab Hassanein Support Engineer (EMEA)
Kathleen Tam Manager, Data
Debbie Harris Senior Recruiter
Maria Vrachni Senior Product Designer, Configure
John Hope Backend Engineering Manager, Plan:Portfolio Management & Plan:Certify
Panos Rodopoulos Sales Development Manager, EMEA - Commercial
Stephen Graham Technical Account Manager (Enterprise)
Ragnar Hardarson Senior Frontend Engineer, Fulfillment
Monica Galletto Associate Production Designer
Jake Burden Frontend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Scott Stern Frontend Engineer, Plan:Project Management
Rob Hueston Senior Strategic Account Leader
Danny Petronio Senior Strategic Account Leader
Jesse Muehlbauer Sales Development Representative, AMER - Enterprise
Tim Kuper Strategic Account Leader
Sean Arnold Backend Engineer, Monitor:Health
Larissa Lane Senior Product Manager, Distribution
Brian Glanz Product Marketing Manager
Meritxell 'Meri' Gil Galindo Sales Operations Analyst
Keven Hughes Support Engineer (Americas Central)
Tanuja Paruchuri Senior Program Manager, Commercial Sales Enablement
David DeSanto Director of Product Management, Secure and Defend
Michael Karampalas Principal Product Manager, Growth:Retention
Payton Burdette Senior Frontend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Harley Devlin. Payroll Specialist
Nailia Iskhakova Software Engineer in Test, Enablement:Distribution
Josh Weatherford Sales Development Representative, AMER - Commercial
Alexander Demblin Sales Development Representative, EMEA - Commercial
Andrew Glidden Sales Development Representative, AMER - Enterprise
Keanon O'Keefe Senior Product Manager, Plan:Portfolio Management
Jackie Fraser Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Expansion
Sheila Walsh Area Sales Manager (US East)
Douglas Robbin Mid Market Account Executive
Matt Kreuch Federal Strategic Account Leader; Treasury, SEC, FDIC, HUD, PBGC
Ron Koster Solutions Architect
Ethan Urie Senior Backend Engineer, Security Engineering
Chris Weber Federal Area Sales Manager, SLED
Aleshia Hansen Senior Manager, Procurement
Kirstie Cook Backend Engineer, Fulfillment
Anthony McMahon Regional Sales Director, APAC
Helen Ortel Staff Field Marketing Manager, US Public Sector
Dov Hershkovitch Senior Product Manager, Monitor:APM
James Heimbuck Senior Product Manager, Verify:Testing
Dan Jensen Backend Engineering Manager, Manage, Manage:Analytics & Manage:Compliance
John Blevins Sales Training Facilitator, Field Enablement
Ilia Kosenko Support Engineering Manager (EMEA)
Martin Brümmer Technical Account Manager, EMEA
Coung Ngo Frontend Engineer, Plan:Project Management
Viktor Nagy Senior Product Manager, Configure
Camellia X. YANG Senior Product Designer, Secure
Arturo Herrero Senior Backend Engineer, Ecosystem
Phil Calder Backend Engineering Manager, Growth:Acquisition, Expansion and Retention
Nicolas Dular Senior Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Acquisition
Makesh S. Manager, Accounting
Simon Uhegbu Technical Account Manager (EMEA)
Bradley Andersen Technical Account Manager EMEA
Nupur Sharma Solutions Architect, EMEA (Mid Market)
John Feeney Solutions Architect, EMEA
Kristof Goossens Solutions Architect, EMEA
Chris Rennie Federal Strategic Account Leader - DoD - Navy/Marines
Simon Poon Senior Sales Recruiter
Holly Reynolds Senior Product Designer, Plan:Project Management
Juan J. Ramirez Senior Product Designer, Verify:Testing
James Harrison Senior Director of Sales Operations
Shiloh Barry Total Rewards Coordinator
Nick Nguyen Backend Engineering Manager, Geo
Michelle Gill Backend Engineering Manager, Create:Source Code
Jesse Rabbits Manager, Deal Desk
Lauren Barker Fullstack Engineer - Website
Caleb Williamson Support Engineer (Americas East)
Justin Stark Staff Data Engineer
Nicole Ann Precilla Junior Payroll Specialist
Arani Bhavadeep Professional Services Engineer, APAC
Nick Post Senior Product Designer, Manage:Analytics & Apprentice Product Manager, Manage:Analytics
Daniel Mora Senior Product Designer, Manage:Access
Mark Wood Senior Product Manager, Plan:Certify
Stephen Karpeles Marketing Web Developer/Designer
Julie Samson Total Rewards Analyst
Jamie Reid Technical Account Manager (Enterprise)
Carlos Bazan Technical Account Manager
Camille Dios Sales Development Representative, EMEA - Commercial
Davis Townsend Data Analyst, Infrastructure
Tucker Logan Federal Solutions Architect
Nicolò Maria Mezzopera Senior Frontend Engineer, Package
Nout Boctor-Smith Senior Marketing Program Manager
Madeline Hennessy Area Sales Manager (SMB)
Bastian van der Stel SMB Account Executive
Albert Salim Senior Backend Engineer, Engineering Productivity
Allison Browne Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Vladimir Dzalbo Solutions Architect, EMEA
Ben Prescott Support Engineer (EMEA)
Timm Ideker Regional Sales Director, US West
Derek Atwood Data Analyst
Mahesh Kumar Manager, Competitive Intelligence
Igor Frenkel Senior Backend Engineer, Secure:Composition Analysis
Jaclyn Grant Sr. Executive Business Administrator
Christine Yoshida Practice Manager, Education Services
Darren Eastman Senior Product Manager, Verify:Runner
Jeff Crow Senior UX Researcher, Growth
Christen Dybenko Senior Product Manager, Create:Knowledge
Ashley Jones Candidate Experience Team Lead
Roos Takken People Business Partner, Engineering
Nathan Black Senior Support Engineer (Americas East)
Donique Smit Support Engineer (EMEA)
Maxim Chadliev Sales Development Representative, AMER - Enterprise
Wiam Aissaoui Sales Development Representative, EMEA - Commercial
Steve Ladgrove IT Helpdesk Analyst - APAC
Maria Fanni Szucs Deal Desk Specialist
Nate Houston Public Sector Inside Sales Representative
Cristal McClure Financial Analyst
Ginny Reib Senior Field Marketing Manager, US East
Alex Ives Senior Backend Engineer, Geo
Matt Wilson Senior Product Manager, Secure
Wayne Haber Director of Engineering, Threat Management
Nadia Sotnikova Product Designer, Verify:CI
Justin Ho Senior Frontend Engineer, Ecosystem
Vladimir Klevko Solutions Architect, EMEA (Mid Market)
Laurie Howitt Solutions Architect (US East Enterprise)
Gee Lee Sales Development Representative, AMER - Commercial
James Petr Business Systems Engineer
Laura Shand Account Executive, Mid-Market
Fernando Diaz Technical Marketing Manager
Ruben Govender Strategic Account Leader (US Central)
James Altheide Sales Development Representative, AMER - Enterprise
Michael Nevolo Strategic Account Leader
David Fernandez Senior Backend Engineer, Package
Amparo Luna Backend Engineer, Fulfillment
Matthias Käppler Senior Backend Engineer, Memory
Cormac Foster Sr Product Marketing Manager
Pilar Mejia Federal Channel Sales Manager
Dale Brown Principal Accounting Officer
Aletha Alfarania Sales Development Representative, APAC
Shreyas Agarwal Senior Backend Engineer, Fulfillment
Tabetha Chandler Facility Security Officer
Nadia Udalova Product Design Manager, CI/CD
Matt Gonzales Senior Product Manager, Manage:Compliance
Fiona O'Keeffe Reference Program Manager
Michael Scarnato Public Sector Channel Manager
Joern Schneeweisz Staff Security Engineer, Security Research
Zack Cuddy Frontend Engineer, Geo
Kurt Dusek Solutions Architect
Yu-Chen Hsueh Senior Solutions Architect
Steffen Heininger Technical Account Manager
Loredana Iluca Sourcer
Melia Vilain Senior Sales Analytics Analyst
Linc Williams Federal Solutions Architect
Jenn Leslie PR Manager, Content
Dan Foley Federal Strategic Account Leader; USAF
Alisha Rashidi Partner and Channel Marketing
Tina Morwani Senior Field Marketing Manager, EMEA
Darren Rivey Federal Solutions Architect
Crystal Poole Backend Engineering Manager, Monitor:Health
Jennifer Parker (Jen) Reference Program Manager
Dave Gilbert VP Of Recruiting
Jeff Beaumont Senior Manager of Customer Success Operations
Nikola Milojevic Senior Backend Engineer, Memory
Darwin Sanoy Senior Solutions Architect, Americas (Mid Market)
Lien Van Den Steen People Operations Fullstack Engineer
Becky Reich Awareness Campaign Manager
Libby Schulze Corporate Events Manager, Sales Events
Simon Mansfield Solutions Architect, EMEA
Sokunrotanak Srey (Rotanak) Support Engineer (APAC)
Ove Heigre Technical Account Manager
Rohan Shah Technical Account Manager (APJ)
Brett Gadberry Technical Account Manager
Marty Fischer Public Sector Channel Manager
Kristen Sundberg Senior Social Marketing Manager
Cherry Han Solutions Architect
Corinna Wiesner Backend Engineer, Fulfillment
Jeff Martin Sr Demo Systems Engineer
Mikołaj Wawrzyniak Backend Engineer, Telemetry
Sean Hoyle Technical Account Manager
Phil Hughes Staff Frontend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Joel Beck Federal Strategic Account Leader
Hayley Swimelar Backend Engineer, Package
Magdalena Frankiewicz Backend Engineer, Manage:Analytics
Jonathan Schafer Backend Engineer, Threat Management, Threat Insights
Arthur Evstifeev Fullstack Engineer, Threat Management, Container Security
Eric Brown Senior Program Manager, Enterprise Sales Enablement
Thao Yeager Senior Product Manager, Verify:Continuous Integration
Heather Francisco Recruiting Operations Coordinator
Saumya Upadhyaya Sr Product Marketing Manager
Daniel Phelan Sales Development Representative, EMEA - Enterprise
Daniel Marquard Senior Public Sector Solutions Architect
Daryl Knopf Federal Solutions Architect
Wil Spillane Manager, Social Marketing
Artur Salii Support Engineer (EMEA)
David Mack Senior Sales Analytics Analyst
Niall Cregan Inbound Marketing
Gabriel Yoachum Support Engineer (Americas East)
Brian Piscitelli Federal Solutions Architect
Ryan Ragozzine Analyst Relations Manager
Florie Guibert Frontend Engineer, Plan:Portfolio Management & Plan:Certify
InchulYoo Solutions Architect
Tom Quirk Frontend Engineer, Create:Knowledge
Corinne Sapolu Candidate Experience Specialist
Marcin Sędłak-Jakubowski Technical Writer, Plan
Michael Lussier Support Engineer (Americas East)
Samantha Lee Community Advocate
Christina Weaver Senior Public Relations Manager, Product
Allison Mueller Federal Strategic Account Leader - DoD - US Army
Matt Stamper Federal Strategic Account Leader; SLED
Jodi Thomas Federal Channel Sales Manager
Changzheng Liu Backend Engineering Manager, Global Search
Caesar Hsiao 蕭濤靜 Senior Sourcer
Andy Soiron Senior Backend Engineer, Ecosystem
Andrei Stoicescu Frontend Engineer, Fulfillment
Jeffrey Smits Senior Field Marketing Manager, EMEA
Jiaan Louw Frontend Engineer, Manage:Compliance
Michael Lutz Senior Director of Professional Services
Lindsay Kerr Frontend Engineering Manager, Threat Management
Alex Pooley Senior Backend Engineer, Manage:Access
Georgi Georgiev Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Daniel Tian Senior Frontend Engineer, Threat Management
Pavlo Strokov Senior Backend Engineer, Gitaly
Minsu Han Sales Development Representative, APAC
Zamir Martins Filho Fullstack Engineer, Threat Management, Container Security
Jackie Porter Senior Product Manager, Release:Release Management
Julian Paul Dasmariñas Support Engineer (APAC)
Furkan Ayhan Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Jerome Ng Backend Engineering Manager, Growth:Acquisition and Conversion and Telemetry, Product Manager (Acting), Growth:Telemetry
Sunjung Park Product Designer, Geo/Distribution
David Sincheol Kim Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Corina Patachia Solutions Architect, EMEA (Mid Market)
Nilanka De Silva Support Engineer (APAC)
Christina Hupy, PhD Senior Education Program Manager
Arianna Bellino Sales Development Representative, EMEA - Enterprise
Josh Swann Federal Solutions Architect
Brandon Brooks Sales Development Representative, AMER - Enterprise
Blake Chalfant-Kero Sales Development Representative, AMER - Enterprise
Evan Mathis Sales Development Representative, AMER - Commercial
Teagan Shurtleff Corporate Events Manager
Robbie Byrne Area Sales Manager, EMEA
Vic Bell Senior illustrator
Michał Kułakowski Channel Solutions Architect, Global System Integrators
Maria Gore Senior Recruiter - G&A
Jordi Mon Senior Product Marketing Manager , Dev
Edmond Chan Senior Solutions Architect (US East Enterprise)
Dheeraj Joshi Senior Frontend Engineer, Secure
Erick Banks Senior Software Engineer in Test Enablement:Search
Tiffany Saunders Accounts Payable Specialist
Nick Gaskill Senior Technical Writer, Secure (Composition Analysis, Fuzz Testing, Vulnerability Research), Defend
Nitin Upadhyay Total Rewards Analyst
Kristine Setschin Senior Field Marketing Manager, EMEA
Katie Gammon Executive Business Administrator
Karen Kwentus Solutions Architect
Rich Hancock Field Marketing Manager, US West
Josianne Hyson Backend Engineer, Manage:Import
Chad Woolley Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Static Site Editor
Derek Ferguson Senior Product Manager, Secure:Dynamic Analysis & Interim Product Manager, Create:Gitaly
Shay Fleming Sales Development Representative, EMEA - Enterprise
Mike Jang Senior Technical Writer, Manage (Access, Compliance, Import, Analytics)
Tav Scott Senior Sales Operations Analyst
Rich Kahn Executive Recruiter
Magali Bressan Sales Development Representative, EMEA - Enterprise
Lindsay Olson Senior Community Advocate
Syeda Firdaus Professional Services Engineer, APAC
Dominic Couture Senior Security Engineer, Application Security
Craig Mestel Vice President, Finance
Michelle Hodges Vice President, Worldwide Channels
Paulius L. IT Helpdesk Analyst
Tiffany Rea Software Engineer in Test, Verify:Continuous Integration
Libor Vanc Senior Product Designer, Ecosystem:Integrations
Robert Clark Public Sector Manager - Customer Success
Helena Dixon Field Marketing Coordinator, EMEA
Mark Williams Public Sector Strategic Account Leader
Parul Luthra Senior Data Analyst, People Team
Daniel Searles Senior Backend Engineer, Secure:Static Analysis
Peter Kaldis IT Manager
Mohammed Al Kobaisy IT Operations Systems Administrator
Vitor Meireles De Sousa Senior Security Engineer, Application Security
Karen Blasing Board of Directors
João Pereira Senior Backend Engineer, Package
Nick Brandt Product Designer, Plan:Certify
Matthew Nearents Senior Product Designer, Create:Knowledge
Dmitry Gruzd Senior Backend Engineer, Global Search
Chris Mayer (Pacific Northwest Area) Strategic Account Leader (Pacific Northwest Area)
Joe Randazzo Solutions Architect, Americas (Mid Market)
Toni Dominique Sr. Stock Administrator
Robin Schulman Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary
Sarah Chia Junior Paralegal
Da'Neil Olsen Sales Development Representative, AMER - Commercial
Phillip Knorr Sales Development Representative, AMER - Commercial
John Long Senior Support Engineer (Americas Central)
Erika Graves Senior International Reporting Accountant
Allison Walker Professional Services Project Manager
Chris Anderton Area Sales Manager
Kathryn Steffenson Senior International Reporting Accountant
Roman Kuba Frontend Engineering Manager, Create:Knowledge & Create:Editor
Harinakshi Poojary Senior Internal Auditor
Steve Truong Senior Security Analyst, Compliance
Corey McCarty Senior Security Engineer, Security Incident Response Team
Giuliana Lucchesi People Business Partner, Development
Lillie Phillips Field Marketing Coordinator, West & East-Central
Tim Poffenbarger Solutions Architect, Americas (Mid Market)
Megan Wieling Senior Corporate Events Manager
Helen Mason Area Sales Manager (SMB EMEA & APAC)
Eirini Pan Senior Marketing Program Manager
Beth Peterson Senior Marketing Operations Manager
Farnoosh Seifoddini Principal Product Manager, Product Operations
Adrian Smolski Manager, Customer Experience & Solutions Architecture (APJ)
Hila Qu Director of Product, Growth
Jenna McCarthy Technical Account Manager
Igor Wiedler Site Reliability Engineer
Robert May Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Amy Qualls Senior Technical Writer, Configure, Monitor
Jean Peguero Junior Data Analyst, Marketing
Ashley Campbell General Ledger Accountant
Sameer Shaik Support Engineer (APAC)
Sara Honeycutt Director - Corporate Controller
Christoph Stahl Strategic Account Leader
Tony Righetti Senior Director, Investor Relations
Barbara Roncato Business Systems Analyst
Robert Hunt Frontend Engineer, Manage:Compliance
Eric Schurter Senior Product Manager, Create:Static Site Editor
Joanna Shih Quality Engineering Manager, Ops
Sam Goldstein Director of Engineering, Ops
Zach Rice Backend Engineer, Secure:Static Analysis
Jaime Martínez Backend Engineer, Release:Release Management
Sofia Vistas Software Engineer in Test, Monitor:Health)
James Johnson Staff Security Engineer, Vulnerability Research
Amanda Hughes Senior Product Designer, Manage:Import
Andrej Kiripolský UX Researcher, Ops and Package
Rachel Hill Field Marketing Manager
James Sandlin Solutions Architect (US West Enterprise)
Suzanne Selhorn Senior Technical Writer, Package, Release (Release Management), Verify (Runner)
Vincy Wilson Quality Engineering Manager, Growth & Defend
Gary Holtz Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Carolyn Bednarz People Business Partner, Sales
Kelsey Claflin Sales Development Representative, AMER - Enterprise
Shakarra McGuire Sales Development Representative, AMER - Commercial
Kevin Chu Group Manager of Product Management, Configure & Monitor
Kenneth Aguilar Junior Data Analyst, Engineering
Belinda Singh Sales Development Representative, APAC
Indre Kryzeviciene Marketing Program Manager
Johan Rosendahl Sales Development Representative, EMEA - Commercial
Bryan Wise VP, Information Technology
Ricardo Leite Technical Account Manager (EMEA)
Kendra Marquart Sr. Technical Instructional Designer, Customer Education
Bryan Miller Technical Account Manager (Enterprise)
Kaan Demircan Senior Technical Account Manager - Enterprise EMEA
Michał Zając Backend Engineer, Threat Management, Threat Insights
Chase Southard Backend Engineering Manager, Release:Progressive Delivery
Miguel Silva Contract Manager
Dan Samson Public Sector Strategic Account Leader
Carrie Nicholson SMB Account Executive
Rick Walker Strategic Account Leader
Cathy Hilling Contract Manager
Sara E. Davila Partner and Channel Marketing
Mike Long Product Design Manager, Plan & Manage
Johnathan Hunt Vice President of Security
Haris Delalić Senior Product Manager, Manage:Import
Maxime Orefice Backend Engineer, Verify:Testing
Michael Dunninger Support Engineering Manager (Americas North)
Nabeel Bilgrami Support Operations Specialist
Kriti D'Souza Deal Desk Analyst
Ricardo Amarilla Technical Account Manager
Joanna Michniewicz Junior Sourcer
Jordan NG Professional Services Engineer
Emily Ring Backend Engineer, Configure
Vijay Hawoldar Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Editor
Parker Ennis Senior Product Marketing Manager
Kasim Ahmad AWS Business Development Manager
Kalene Godoy Candidate Experience Specialist
Justin Mandell Product Design Manager, Configure, Monitor, Secure & Defend
Elizabeth Coleman Senior Security Analyst, Compliance
Samuel White Senior Product Manager, Defend
Patrick Bair Senior Backend Engineer, Database
Jason Young Support Engineer (Americas East)
Philip Wieczorek Strategic Account Leader (Midwest Area)
Kassio Borges Senior Backend Engineer, Manage:Import
Tan Le Backend Engineer, Manage:Compliance
Priyan Sureshbabu Support Engineer (APAC)
Leslie Stinson Digital Marketing Manager
Josh Downey Sales Development Representative, AMER - Commercial
Robyn Hartough Sr. Executive Business Administrator
Pedro Pombeiro Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Frédéric Caplette Frontend Engineer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Isaac Dawson Senior Security Engineer, Vulnerability Research
Taylor McCaslin Senior Product Manager, Secure:Static Analysis
Shem Gyll Support Engineer (EMEA)
Jennifer Kenney-Smith Federal Area Sales Manager
Mike Sellers Federal Strategic Account Leader; Intel
Monica Jacob Sales Communications Manager
Ed Cepulis Senior Director Channel Programs and Enablement
Craig Smith Senior Backend Engineer, Secure:Dynamic Analysis
Manuel Kraft Senior Technical Account Manager (EMEA)
Stan Brower Federal Strategic Account Leader; USAF
Amy Troschinetz Senior Backend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Ryan Demmer Senior Technical Recruiter
Vasilii Iakliushin Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Static Site Editor
Ronnie Alfaro Support Engineering Manager (LATAM)
Nuritzi Sanchez Senior Open Source Program Manager
Joe Fenter Public Sector Inside Sales Representative
Goran Bijelic Acceleration SDR
Xiaohe Li Principal Pricing Manager
Peter Hegman Frontend Engineer, Manage:Access
Magdalena Sendal Data Engineer
Justin Farris Group Manager, Product Management, Plan
Neil McCorrison Frontend Engineering Manager, Secure
Axel García Frontend Engineer, Plan:Portfolio Management & Plan:Certify
Tad Murakami Japan Country Manager
Ross Hendrick People Operations Specialist
Anastasia McDonald Software Engineer in Test, Create:Editor
Brent Newton Director of Infrastructure, Reliability
Amelia Seow Senior Channel Sales Manager
Matt Jamison Federal Strategic Account Leader
Jon Burghart Regional Sales Director, EMEA
Saikat Sarkar Senior Backend Engineer, Secure:Static Analysis
Lily Mai Operations Analyst, Development
Kaitlyn Chappell Support Engineer (Americas East)
Aleeta Bell Competitive Intelligence Mangaer
David O'Regan Senior Frontend Engineer, Monitor:Health
Ashley Jameson People Experience Associate
Hellen Wangui People Operations Specialist
Frederick Kurniadi Director, Sales Finance
Patrick Gerhold Public Sector Inside Sales Representative
Patrick Steinhardt Senior Backend Engineer, Gitaly
Amy Waller Senior Marketing Operations Manager
Will Meek Senior Software Engineer in Test, Secure:Composition Analysis (primary) & Secure:Exposure Analysis (secondary)
Luis Angulo General Ledger Accountant
Michael Leutz Manager, Technical Account Managers, EMEA
Savas Vedova Senior Frontend Engineer, Threat Management
Alan (Maciej) Paruszewski Backend Engineer, Threat Management, Threat Insights
Sami Hiltunen Backend Engineer, Gitaly
Craig Miskell Site Reliability Engineer, Scalability
Andrew Murray Director of Revenue
Michael Friedrich Developer Evangelist
Ricky Wiens Backend Engineering Manager, Verify:Testing
Alexander Turinske Frontend Engineer, Threat Management
Mikhail Mazurskiy Senior Backend Engineer, Configure
Jessica Reeder All-Remote Integrated Campaign Manager
Silvester Wainaina Support Engineer (EMEA)
Cleveland Bledsoe Jr Support Engineer (Americas Central)
Aidan Pender. Billing Specialist
Beverley Rufener People Experience Team Lead
Christina Souleles Acceleration SDR
Melinda Soares Senior Sales Operations Analyst
David Wainaina Support Engineer (EMEA)
Nicole Williams Frontend Engineering Manager, Release (CD)
Ron Chan Senior Security Engineer, Application Security
Paul Armstrong Data Engineer
Marley Riser Security Engineer, Security Incident Response Team
Annie Huang Community Advocate
Alex Venter People Experience Associate
David Forsch WW Distribution Lead
Steve Loyd VP of Infrastructure
Donita Farnsworth Senior PS Project Coordinator
Sherrod Patching Director, Technical Account Managers, Enterprise
Godfrey Sullivan Board of Directors
Rebecca Spainhower Support Engineering Manager
Scott McKee Federal Strategic Account Leader; 4th Estate
Vladlena Shumilo Backend Engineer, Fulfillment
Matthew Clyne Senior Business Systems Administrator
Vick Kelkar Director of Alliances
Kim Jaeger Senior Channel Programs Manager
Melissa Ushakov Senior Product Manager, Manage:Access
Cheryl Li Backend Engineering Manager, Verify:Continuous Integration
Terri Chu Senior Backend Engineer, Global Search
Rob Parker Senior Director, Data and Analytics
Alberto Ramos Engineering Manager, Reliability
Stella Treas Chief of Staff
Hannah Bhattarai Senior Manager, AMER Sales Development
Ian Moore SAL
Aasim Khan Area Sales Manager, AMER - Mid-Market West
Mehmet Emin Inac Backend Engineer, Threat Management, Threat Insights
Susan Tacker Senior Manager, Technical Writing
Katrin Leinweber Support Engineer (EMEA)
Nick Westbury Senior Software Engineer in Test, Enablement:Distribution
John McGuire Senior Product Manager, Global Search
Gricelda Gonzalez Quinones General Ledger Accountant
Philip Cunningham Senior Backend Engineer, Secure:Dynamic Analysis
Thiago Figueiró Backend Engineering Manager, Threat Management
Michael Le Senior Product Designer, Create:Static Site Editor
Dallas Reedy Fullstack Engineer, Growth:Conversion
Craig Norris Manager, Technical Writing
William Galindez Arias Technical Marketing Manager
Lindsay Schoenfeld Senior Manager, Sales Operations
Josh Zimmerman Learning and Development Partner
Honora Duncan Senior Channel Services Manager
Mitch Nielsen Distribution Engineer
Julie Byrne Solutions Architect (US East Enterprise)
Matthew Badeau Support Engineer (APAC)
Monmayuri Ray Solutions Architect (APJ)
Julia Lake Director, Security Risk and Compliance
Luis Vazquez Strategic Account Leader, Public Sector
Timothy Tran Field Marketing Coordinator, APAC
Sujeevan Vijayakumaran Solutions Architect, EMEA
Kevin Franklin Senior Channel Sales Manager
Courtney Cote Accounts Payable Specialist
Ken Grabowski Sr Manager, Field Marketing
Chloe Liu Senior Software Engineer in Test, Fulfillment
Anoop Dawar VP of Product Management
Jacqueline Hogue Senior Corporate Communications Manager, Executive Communications
Moses Mederos Strategic Account Leader
Cesar Saavedra Senior Technical Marketing Manager
Max Woolf Senior Backend Engineer, Manage:Compliance
Alex Westbrook Sr. Finance Systems Administrator
Lynsey Sayers Director of Legal, Privacy and Product
Ian Chiang Mid Market Account Executive
Patrick Byrne Stragetic Account Leader
Ron Frazier Strategic Account Leader, US Army
Sarah McCauley Sr. Billing Manager
Arran Walker Senior Backend Engineer, Verify:Runner
Yi Sun Financial Analyst, Sales
Bryan May Principal Professional Services Practice Manager, Product Consulting
Viji Rao Support Engineering Manager (APAC)
James Lopes Support Engineering Manager (AMER)
Robert Williams Solutions Architect (APJ)
Matt Salik Senior Brand Designer
Annie Rooke Director Channel Sales AMER
Claudia Cheong Strategic Account Leader
Nicholas Lomas Strategic Account Leader
Jonathan Fullam Sr. Director, Solution Architects, Enterprise
Michael Scott Strategic Account Leader
Marc Shaw Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Beth Vanderkolk Sr. Community Advocates Manager
Issac Abbasi Sr. Technical Instructional Designer, Field Enablement
Garry Judy Strategic Account Leader (SAL)
David "Dunk" Duncan Vice President Demand Generation
Sergio Cortes Senior Channel Sales Manager
Eulyeon K. Frontend Engineer, Plan
Juliet Wanjohi Security Engineer (Intern)
Lee Tickett Core Team member
Serena Fang Backend Engineer, Manage:Access
Ashley Potter Deal Desk Specialist
Jake Lear Backend Engineering Manager, Plan:Project Management
Claudia Beer Manager, Marketing Operations
Laurence Bierner Director of Application Security
Christopher Wang Senior Sales Development Solutions Architect
Yevgeny Pats Senior Backend Engineer
Mark Art Manager, Vulnerability Research Engineering
Lisa Puzar Senior Manager, Sales Commissions
Tim G SMB Account Executive (EMEA)
Mike Lockhart Support Engineer (APAC)
Segolene Bouly Support Engineer (EMEA)
Michael Lunøe Senior Frontend Engineer, Manage:Analytics
Melani Ross Senior Manager, Professional Services
Kira Aubrey Field Marketing Manager
Brie Carranza Support Engineer
Veethika Mishra Senior Product Designer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Mike Eddington Staff Backend Engineer
Toshitaka Ito Senior Solutions Architect (APJ)
Joseph Joshua Support Engineer (EMEA)
Hanif Smith-Watson Inbound Marketing Manager
Dasha Yarmusik <a href=“/job-families/finance/procurement/“>Junior Procurement Operations Analyst</a>
Emily Plotkin Director of Legal, Employment
Amy Phillips Engineering Manager, Delivery
Boughty Canton Channel Services Manager
Adam Smolinski Director, UX Research
Austin Regnery Product Designer, Manage:Compliance
Michael Preuss Senior Manager, Digital Experience
Jon Scadden Federal Strategic Account Leader - DoD - Navy/Marines
Maria Fitzgerald Revenue Accountant
Alicia Geaneas Public Sector Channel Manager
Caitlin Ankney Customer Success Operations Analyst
Sophia Simunec Account Executive - Mid Market
Christopher Nelson Senior Director, Enterprise Applications
Duncan Harris Support Engineer
Andrew Thomas Principal Product Manager, Infrastructure
Alan Geary Senior Director, Channel Sales
Colleen Farris Director, Channel Operations
Rashmi Chachra Director of Legal, Corporate
Alexandria Curtis Senior Financial Analyst, Sales
Noel Figuera Senior Sales Analytics Analyst
David Haines Senior Strategic Account Leader
Matthew Coughlan Director, Channel Sales
Joe Brady Professional Services Technical Instructor
Sher Stalie Senior Channel Marketing Manager, Global
Angelo Gulina Senior Frontend Engineer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Reshmi Krishna Manager, Enterprise Solutions Architects - US West
Łukasz Korbasiewicz Support Engineer, Self-managed (EMEA)
Stephen Duggan Senior Revenue Accountant
Katie Ramos Sales Development Representative, AMER - Enterprise
Jane Gianoutsos Manager, Support Engineering (APAC)
Mitra JozeNazemian Senior Security Engineer, Security Incident Response Team
Jake Bielecki Senior Director, Sales Strategy
Eiji Morita Strategic Account Leader
Daniel Parker Senior Integrations Engineer, Business Operations
Brock Sumner Digital Producer
Bill Foster Support Engineer
Mario Mora Support Engineer
Dan Nolan Support Operations Specialist
Meghan Maneval Manager, Risk and Field Security
Geophrey Graves Director, Solutions Architects
Kayoko Cooper Senior Manager, Accounts Payable
Jonathan Lim Technical Account Manager
Tessa Hornsby Junior General Ledger Accountant
Vitorino Coelho Tax Accountant
Andre M. Braun Area Sales Manager DACH
Meaghan Thatcher Sales Development Manager, AMER - Mid-Market
Maggie Barnes Sales Development Manager, AMER - Enterprise East
Caleb Cooper Support Engineer
Alvin Gounder Support Engineer (APAC)
Adi Wolff Strategic Account Leader
Emily Chang Support Engineer (APAC)
Jim Togher Public Sector Area Sales Manager
Alejandro Michell Technical Account Manager
Alvaro Warden Senior Program Manager, Partner Enablement
Lydia Pollitt Strategic Account Leader
Viki Juhász Marketing Operations Data Analyst
Kim Stagg Manager, Sales Operations
Senior Professional Services Project Manager Senior Professional Services Project Manager
Ryan Kelly Support Engineer
Evon Collett Partner Help Desk Specialist
Harjeet Sharma Senior Security Engineer, Security Incident Response Team
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