Customer Success Hiring

Customer Success Location Factor

Customer Success people with no location factor

The following people in Customer Success do not have a location_factor property set in team.yml. They are not included in chart above.

Name Role
Richard 'Reb' Baum Sr. Solutions Architect & Bacon Ambassador
Xiaogang Wen 温小刚 Solutions Architect (APJ)
Kristen Lawrence Director of Customer Success, Public Sector
Chloe Whitestone Technical Account Manager
John Woods Manager, Technical Account Managers, West
Chenje Katanda Technical Account Manager
David Thomas "DT" Solutions Architect
Victor Hernandez Solutions Architect
Joel Krooswyk Manager, Solutions Architects, Public Sector
Chris Maurer Manager, Solutions Architects, Public Sector
Ralf 'gronk' Gronkowski Manager, Customer Success, EMEA
David Astor Manager, Solutions Architects - US East
Patrick Harlan Manager, Technical Account Managers
Philippe Charrière Technical Account Manager
Laci 'Lah tsi' Videmsky Professional Services Engineer
Mark Cesario Solutions Architect
Brian Wald Manager, Solutions Architects - US East
Michael McBride Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
Michael Leopard Federal Professional Services Engineer
Steve Grossman Solutions Architect
Pete Raumann Federal Solutions Architect
David Tacheny Principal Technical Architect
Adrian Waters Solutions Architect
Joseph Valeriano Federal Solutions Architect
Brian Cupini Technical Account Manager
Samer Akkoub Solutions Architect (APJ)
Francis Potter Senior Solutions Architect
Maxwell Power Technical Account Manager
Sophie Pouliquen Technical Account Manager
Kevin Chasse Federal Technical Account Manager
Mike Lindsay Professional Services Engineer
Hugo Azevedo Solutions Architect
Vlad Budica Solutions Architect
Jefferson Jones Solutions Architect, Americas (Mid Market)
Cristiano Casella Technical Account Manager
Kripa Joshi Technical Account Manager
Ana Desai Federal Solutions Architect
Michael Terhar Federal Technical Account Manager
Yolanda Feldstein Technical Account Manager
David Sakamoto Vice President of Customer Success
Ken McKnight Solutions Architect
Christopher Timberlake Professional Services Engineer
Sameer Kamani Federal Solutions Architect
Adriano S. Fonseca Professional Services Engineer, EMEA
Petar Prokic Professional Services Engineer, EMEA
Pete DiStefano Solutions Architect (US East Enterprise)
Benjamin Ma / 馬志光 Technical Account Manager (APJ)
Ed Slatt Principal Professional Services Engagement Manager
Kevin Vogt Professional Services Engineer
Glen Miller Professional Services Engineer
Jo Marquez Professional Services Engineer
Christiaan Conover Manager, Technical Account Managers, U.S. East Enterprise
Chester Nwachukwu Technical Account Manager (Mid Market East)
Steven Terhar Federal Technical Account Manager
Michael Bradley Federal Solutions Architect
Pierre-Adrien Attouche Solutions Architect, EMEA
Nicki Peric Professional Services Engineer
Osnat Vider Technical Account Manager, EMEA
Brian Collins Technical Account Manager (Enterprise)
Taylor Medlin Solutions Architect, Americas (Mid Market)
Sri Rangan Solutions Architect, EMEA
Stephen Graham Technical Account Manager (Enterprise)
Ron Koster Solutions Architect
Martin Brümmer Technical Account Manager, EMEA
Simon Uhegbu Technical Account Manager (EMEA)
Bradley Andersen Technical Account Manager EMEA
Nupur Sharma Solutions Architect, EMEA (Mid Market)
Kristof Goossens Solutions Architect, EMEA
Arani Bhavadeep Professional Services Engineer, APAC
Jamie Reid Technical Account Manager (Enterprise)
Carlos Bazan Technical Account Manager
Tucker Logan Federal Solutions Architect
Vladimir Dzalbo Solutions Architect, EMEA
Christine Yoshida Practice Manager, Education Services
Vladimir Klevko Solutions Architect, EMEA (Mid Market)
Laurie Howitt Solutions Architect (US East Enterprise)
Kurt Dusek Solutions Architect
Yu-Chen Hsueh Senior Solutions Architect
Steffen Heininger Technical Account Manager
Linc Williams Federal Solutions Architect
Darren Rivey Federal Solutions Architect
Darwin Sanoy Senior Solutions Architect, Americas (Mid Market)
Simon Mansfield Solutions Architect, EMEA
Ove Heigre Technical Account Manager
Rohan Shah Technical Account Manager (APJ)
Brett Gadberry Technical Account Manager
Cherry Han Solutions Architect
Jeff Martin Sr Demo Systems Engineer
Sean Hoyle Technical Account Manager
Daniel Marquard Senior Public Sector Solutions Architect
Daryl Knopf Federal Solutions Architect
Brian Piscitelli Federal Solutions Architect
InchulYoo Solutions Architect
Michael Lutz Senior Director of Professional Services
Corina Patachia Solutions Architect, EMEA (Mid Market)
Josh Swann Federal Solutions Architect
Michał Kułakowski Channel Solutions Architect, Global System Integrators
Edmond Chan Senior Solutions Architect (US East Enterprise)
Karen Kwentus Solutions Architect
Syeda Firdaus Professional Services Engineer, APAC
Robert Clark Public Sector Manager - Customer Success
Joe Randazzo Solutions Architect, Americas (Mid Market)
Allison Walker Professional Services Project Manager
Tim Poffenbarger Solutions Architect, Americas (Mid Market)
Adrian Smolski Manager, Customer Experience & Solutions Architecture (APJ)
Jenna McCarthy Technical Account Manager
James Sandlin Solutions Architect (US West Enterprise)
Ricardo Leite Technical Account Manager (EMEA)
Kendra Marquart Sr. Technical Instructional Designer, Customer Education
Bryan Miller Technical Account Manager (Enterprise)
Kaan Demircan Senior Technical Account Manager - Enterprise EMEA
Ricardo Amarilla Technical Account Manager
Jordan NG Professional Services Engineer
Manuel Kraft Senior Technical Account Manager (EMEA)
Michael Leutz Manager, Technical Account Managers, EMEA
Sherrod Patching Director, Technical Account Managers, Enterprise
Julie Byrne Solutions Architect (US East Enterprise)
Monmayuri Ray Solutions Architect (APJ)
Sujeevan Vijayakumaran Solutions Architect, EMEA
Bryan May Principal Professional Services Practice Manager, Product Consulting
Robert Williams Solutions Architect (APJ)
Jonathan Fullam Sr. Director, Solution Architects, Enterprise
Melani Ross Senior Manager, Professional Services
Toshitaka Ito Senior Solutions Architect (APJ)
Joe Brady Professional Services Technical Instructor
Reshmi Krishna Manager, Enterprise Solutions Architects - US West
Geophrey Graves Director, Solution Architects, Commercial
Jonathan Lim Technical Account Manager
Alejandro Michell Technical Account Manager
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