Enablement Sub-department Hiring

Enablement Sub-department Location Factor

Enablement Sub-department people with no location factor

The following people in Enablement Sub-department do not have a location_factor property set in team.yml. They are not included in chart above.

Name Role
Valery Sizov Senior Backend Engineer, Geo
Kamil Trzciński Distinguished Engineer, Ops and Enablement
Gabriel Mazetto Backend Engineer, Geo
Douglas Barbosa Alexandre Staff Backend Engineer, Geo
David 'DJ' Mountney Staff Distribution Engineer
Jason Plum Staff Distribution Engineer
Ian Baum Senior Distribution Engineer
Balasankar "Balu" C Distribution Engineer
Michael Kozono Staff Backend Engineer, Geo
Micaël Bergeron Senior Backend Engineer, Global Search
Andreas Brandl Staff Backend Engineer, Database
Dylan Griffith Staff Backend Engineer, Global Search
Yannis Roussos Senior Backend Engineer, Database
Robert Marshall Distribution Engineer
Hossein Pursultani Distribution Engineer
Tanya Pazitny Quality Engineering Manager, Secure & Enablement
Chun Du Director of Engineering, Enablement
Steven Wilson Backend Engineering Manager, Distribution
Gerard Hickey Senior Distribution Engineer
Craig Gomes Backend Engineering Manager, Memory and Database
Aleksei Lipniagov Senior Backend Engineer, Memory
Qingyu Zhao Senior Backend Engineer, Memory
Aakriti Gupta Backend Engineer, Geo
Grant Young Senior Software Engineer in Test, Enablement:Memory
Jennie Louie Software Engineer in Test, Enablement:Geo
Dustin Collins Distribution Engineer
Nailia Iskhakova Software Engineer in Test, Enablement:Distribution
Nick Nguyen Backend Engineering Manager, Geo
Alex Ives Senior Backend Engineer, Geo
Matthias Käppler Senior Backend Engineer, Memory
Zack Cuddy Frontend Engineer, Geo
Nikola Milojevic Senior Backend Engineer, Memory
Changzheng Liu Backend Engineering Manager, Global Search
Erick Banks Senior Software Engineer in Test Enablement:Search
Dmitry Gruzd Senior Backend Engineer, Global Search
Andrej Kiripolský UX Researcher, Configure, Monitor, Enablement
Patrick Bair Senior Backend Engineer, Database
Terri Chu Senior Backend Engineer, Global Search
Nick Westbury Senior Software Engineer in Test, Enablement:Distribution
Mitch Nielsen Distribution Engineer
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