Field Operations Hiring

Future Start Dates in the Field Operations

The following people in the Field Operations have not started yet. They are counted towards today on the chart above.

Name Role Start Date
Donatela C. Deal Desk Specialist 2020-09-28

Field Operations Location Factor

Field Operations people with no location factor

The following people in Field Operations do not have a location_factor property set in team.yml. They are not included in chart above.

Name Role
Michael Snow Business Systems Administrator
Kris Reynolds Manager, Field Enablement Programs
David Hong VP of Field Operations
Matt Benzaquen Senior Manager, Sales Strategy
Jack Brennan Director, Sales Systems
David Somers Senior Director, Field Enablement
Kelley Shirazi Senior Program Manager, Commercial Sales Enablement
Swetha Kashyap Sales Commissions Manager
Amber Stahn Senior Sales Operations Analyst
Cal Baker Deal Desk Specialist
Meritxell 'Meri' Gil Galindo Sales Operations Analyst
Tanuja Paruchuri Senior Program Manager, Commercial Sales Enablement
John Blevins Sales Training Facilitator, Field Enablement
James Harrison Senior Director of Sales Operations
Jesse Rabbits Manager, Deal Desk
Maria Fanni Szucs Deal Desk Specialist
James Petr Business Systems Engineer
Melia Vilain Senior Sales Analytics Analyst
Jeff Beaumont Senior Manager of Customer Success Operations
Eric Brown Senior Program Manager, Enterprise Sales Enablement
David Mack Senior Sales Analytics Analyst
Tav Scott Senior Sales Operations Analyst
Kriti D'Souza Deal Desk Analyst
Monica Jacob Sales Communications Manager
Melinda Soares Senior Sales Operations Analyst
Matthew Clyne Senior Business Systems Administrator
Lindsay Schoenfeld Senior Manager, Sales Operations
Issac Abbasi Sr. Technical Instructional Designer, Field Enablement
Ashley Potter Deal Desk Specialist
Lisa Puzar Senior Manager, Sales Commissions
Caitlin Ankney Customer Success Operations Analyst
Colleen Farris Director, Channel Operations
Noel Figuera Senior Sales Analytics Analyst
Jake Bielecki Senior Director, Sales Strategy
Alvaro Warden Senior Program Manager, Partner Enablement
Kim Stagg Manager, Sales Operations
Donatela C. Deal Desk Specialist
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