Finance Hiring

Finance Location Factor

Finance people with no location factor

The following people in Finance do not have a location_factor property set in team.yml. They are not included in chart above.

Name Role
Paul Machle Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Taylor A. Murphy, PhD Staff Data Engineer, Architecture
Chase Wright Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis
Anna Piaseczna Senior Billing Specialist
Joseph Davidson Financial Analyst
Akeela Logan Billing Specialist
Karen McKinney Billing Specialist
Michael Walker Senior Data Engineer
Igor Groenewegen-Mackintosh Director of Tax
Brooks Royer Finance Business Partner
Alexandra W. Senior Finance Systems Administrator
Eli Kastelein Data Analyst
Christine Machado Manager, FP&A - Marketing and G&A
Israel Weeks Data Analyst, Finance
Mathieu Peychet Senior Data Analyst
Kathleen Tam Manager, Data
Justin Stark Manager, Data
Nicole Ann Precilla Junior Payroll Specialist
Derek Atwood Data Analyst
Jaclyn Grant Sr. Executive Business Administrator
Cristal McClure Financial Analyst
Siddharth Malik Senior Financial Analyst
Craig Mestel Vice President, Finance
Parul Luthra Senior Data Analyst, People Team
Jean Peguero Junior Data Analyst, Marketing
Kenneth Aguilar Junior Data Analyst, Engineering
Bryan Wise VP, Information Technology
Tony Righetti Senior Director, Investor Relations
Cathy Hilling Contract Manager
Magdalena Sendal Data Engineer
Frederick Kurniadi Director, Finance Business Partner - Sales
Paul Armstrong Data Engineer
Rob Parker Senior Director, Data and Analytics
Yi Sun Financial Analyst, Sales