Merge Request buddy Hiring

Merge Request buddy Location Factor

Merge Request buddy people with no location factor

The following people in Merge Request buddy do not have a location_factor property set in team.yml. They are not included in chart above.

Name Role
Achilleas Pipinellis Senior Technical Writer, Enablement
Abubakar Siddiq Ango Developer Evangelism Program Manager
William Chia Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Native & GitOps
Mayra Cabrera Senior Backend Engineer, Delivery
Brendan O'Leary Senior Developer Evangelist
Lyle Kozloff Senior Support Engineering Manager
Mario de la Ossa Backend Engineer, Plan:Project Management
Cynthia 'Arty' Ng Senior Support Engineer (Americas West)
Ronald van Zon Support Engineer (EMEA)
Jason Yavorska Director of Product Management, CI/CD
Aakif Nazir Support Engineer (EMEA)
Kenny Johnston Sr. Director of Product Management, Ops
John Coghlan Manager, Developer Evangelism
Steve Abrams Backend Engineer, Package
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