Product Management Hiring

Future Start Dates in the Product Management

The following people in the Product Management have not started yet. They are counted towards today on the chart above.

Name Role Start Date
J.S. Principal Product Manager, Manage:Analytics 2020-03-02

Product Management Vacancies Overdue

The following Product Management vacancies are overdue to be filled. They are counted toward today on the chart above.

Role Start Date
Senior Product Manager, Enablement:Infrastructure 2019-01-01
Senior Product Manager, Enablement:Memory 2019-01-01
Senior Product Manager, Enablement:Search 2019-01-01
Senior Product Manager, Create:Gitaly 2019-02-01
Senior Product Manager, Manage:Access 2019-12-01
Senior Product Manager, Create:Source Code 2019-12-01
VP of Product 2020-01-09

Product Management Location Factor