Sales Hiring

Future Start Dates in the Sales

The following people in the Sales have not started yet. They are counted towards today on the chart above.

Name Role Start Date
Donatela C. Deal Desk Specialist 2020-09-28

Sales Location Factor

Sales people with no location factor

The following people in Sales do not have a location_factor property set in team.yml. They are not included in chart above.

Name Role
Haydn Mackay Regional Sales Director, US West
Timo Schuit Strategic Account Leader
Julie Manalo Account Executive, Mid-Market
Joe Drumtra Strategic Account Leader (Pacific Northwest Area)
Kyla Gradin Account Executive, Mid-Market
James Komara Area Sales Manager
Mark Rogge Regional Sales Director, US East
Peter McCracken Strategic Account Leader
Adam Johnson Area Sales Manager (US East Named Accounts)
Mark Bell Strategic Account Leader
Adam Olson Area Sales Manager (EastCentral)
Paul Almeida Director of Public Sector Sales
Simon Williams Strategic Account Leader
Conor Brady Account Executive, Mid-Market
Brent Caldwell Federal Inside Sales Manager
Larry Biegel Strategic Account Leader
Jordan Goodwin Strategic Account Leader
Nico Ochoa Strategic Account Leader
David Wells Strategic Account Leader
Chris Cornacchia Strategic Account Leader
Jim Torres Strategic Account Leader
Jim Riley Federal Area Sales Manager - Public Sector
Brooke Williamson SMB Account Executive
Paul E. Duffy Strategic Account Leader
Adam Pestreich SMB Account Executive
Justin Haley Strategic Account Leader
Ralph Kompare Federal Area Sales Manager
Craig Pepper Public Sector Inside Sales Representative
Joe Miklos Strategic Account Leader
Tony Scafidi Strategic Account Leader
Bill Duncan Public Sector Inside Sales Representative
Michael Miranda SMB Account Executive
Michael Snow Business Systems Administrator
Lisa van de Kooij Account Executive, Mid-Market
Daisy Miclat SMB Account Executive
Matt Beadle West Enterprise, Inside Sales Representative
Michael McBride Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
Wayne Zhao SMB Account Executive
Sean Billow Strategic Account Leader
Vilius "Kavas" Kavaliauskas SMB Account Executive
Jay Jewell Public Sector Inside Sales Representative
Alexis D Shaw Public Sector Inside Sales Representative
Marc Kriz Federal Strategic Account Leader
Matt Walsh SMB Account Executive
Kris Reynolds Manager, Field Enablement Programs
Victor Brew Public Sector Inside Sales Representative
Hugh Christey Strategic Account Leader
David Hong VP of Field Operations
Joe McKairnes Federal Solutions Architect
Ryan O'Nell VP of Commercial Sales
Brandon Greenwell East Enterprise, Inside Sales Representative
Phil McKenzie Smith Strategic Account Leader
Josh Rector Strategic Account Leader
Hailey Pobanz Sales Development Manager, EMEA - Enterprise
Susannah Reed Strategic Account Leader, Public Sector
Chris Novello Federal Channel Sales Manager
Tom Plumadore Southeast Area Sales Manager
Brad Downey Strategic Account Leader (Southern California)
Matt Benzaquen Senior Manager, Sales Strategy
Mike Pyle VP of Enterprise Sales
Alyssa Belardi Account Executive, Mid-Market
Jack Brennan Director, Sales Systems
Russell Wilson Federal Strategic Account Leader, Denver CO
David Somers Senior Director, Field Enablement
Arina Voytenko SMB Account Executive (EMEA)
Jim Bernstein Strategic Account Leader (Atlanta)
Annette Kristensen Strategic Account Leader
James Roberts Area Sales Manager, Enterprise - AMER West
Alan Cooke Area Sales Manager, Enterprise - AMER West
Rashad Bartholomew Mid Market Account Executive
Daniel Parry Mid Market Account Executive
Romer Gonzalez Mid Market Account Executive, LATAM
Marsja Jones SMB Account Executive (US West)
Jacob Potter Area Sales Manager, AMER - Mid-Market East
Kelley Shirazi Senior Program Manager, Commercial Sales Enablement
Chip Digirolamo Strategic Account Leader
Kaley Johnson SMB Account Executive (US East)
Anthony Ogunbowale - Thomas Mid Market Account Executive (EMEA)
Chris Willis Mid Market Account Executive (EMEA)
René Hoferichter Strategic Account Leader, EMEA
Israa Mahros Mid Market Account Executive (EMEA)
Katie Evans Strategic Account Leader (Mid-Atlantic)
Matt Petrovick Strategic Account Leader
Sharif Bennett Mid Market Account Executive
Swetha Kashyap Sales Commissions Manager
Chris Graham Strategic Account Leader
Jenny Kline Mid Market Account Executive
Ross Mawhinney SMB Account Executive (EMEA)
Christine Saah Public Sector Inside Sales Representative
Steve Xu Mid Market Account Executive
Tony Feldman SMB Account Executive
Liz Corring Strategic Account Leader (NYC)
Aleksandar Bosnic Strategic Account Leader, EMEA
Anja Loether Strategic Account Leader (EMEA)
Hans Frederiks Account Executive, Mid-Market, EMEA
Robert Hyry Strategic Account Leader (Los Angeles)
Todd Lauver Mid Market Account Executive, Americas
Margaret Sheridan Public Sector Inside Sales Representative
Ishan Padgotra SMB Account Executive, APAC
Nasser Mohunlol Strategic Account Leader (EMEA)
Amber Stahn Senior Sales Operations Analyst
Steve Challis Strategic Account Leader (EMEA)
Vadim R Strategic Account Leader (EMEA)
Cal Baker Deal Desk Specialist
Christopher Chiappe Mid Market Account Executive
Rob Hueston Senior Strategic Account Leader
Danny Petronio Senior Strategic Account Leader
Tim Kuper Strategic Account Leader
Meritxell 'Meri' Gil Galindo Sales Operations Analyst
Tanuja Paruchuri Senior Program Manager, Commercial Sales Enablement
Sheila Walsh Area Sales Manager (US East)
Douglas Robbin Mid Market Account Executive
Matt Kreuch Federal Strategic Account Leader; Treasury, SEC, FDIC, HUD, PBGC
Chris Weber Federal Area Sales Manager, SLED
Anthony McMahon Regional Sales Director, APAC
John Blevins Sales Training Facilitator, Field Enablement
John Feeney Solutions Architect, EMEA
Chris Rennie Federal Strategic Account Leader - DoD - Navy/Marines
James Harrison Senior Director of Sales Operations
Jesse Rabbits Manager, Deal Desk
Madeline Hennessy Area Sales Manager (SMB)
Bastian van der Stel SMB Account Executive
Timm Ideker Regional Sales Director, US West
Maria Fanni Szucs Deal Desk Specialist
Nate Houston Public Sector Inside Sales Representative
James Petr Business Systems Engineer
Laura Shand Account Executive, Mid-Market
Ruben Govender Strategic Account Leader (US Central)
Michael Nevolo Strategic Account Leader
Pilar Mejia Federal Channel Sales Manager
Tabetha Chandler Facility Security Officer
Michael Scarnato Public Sector Channel Manager
Melia Vilain Senior Sales Analytics Analyst
Dan Foley Federal Strategic Account Leader; USAF
Jeff Beaumont Senior Manager of Customer Success Operations
Marty Fischer Public Sector Channel Manager
Joel Beck Federal Strategic Account Leader
Eric Brown Senior Program Manager, Enterprise Sales Enablement
David Mack Senior Sales Analytics Analyst
Allison Mueller Federal Strategic Account Leader - DoD - US Army
Matt Stamper Federal Strategic Account Leader; SLED
Jodi Thomas Federal Channel Sales Manager
Robbie Byrne Area Sales Manager, EMEA
Katie Gammon Executive Business Administrator
Tav Scott Senior Sales Operations Analyst
Michelle Hodges Vice President, Worldwide Channels
Mark Williams Public Sector Strategic Account Leader
Chris Mayer (Pacific Northwest Area) Strategic Account Leader (Pacific Northwest Area)
Chris Anderton Area Sales Manager
Helen Mason Area Sales Manager (SMB EMEA & APAC)
Christoph Stahl Strategic Account Leader
Kendra Marquart Sr. Technical Instructional Designer, Customer Education
Dan Samson Public Sector Strategic Account Leader
Carrie Nicholson SMB Account Executive
Rick Walker Strategic Account Leader
Kriti D'Souza Deal Desk Analyst
Philip Wieczorek Strategic Account Leader (Midwest Area)
Jennifer Kenney-Smith Federal Area Sales Manager
Mike Sellers Federal Strategic Account Leader; Intel
Monica Jacob Sales Communications Manager
Ed Cepulis Senior Director Channel Programs and Enablement
Stan Brower Federal Strategic Account Leader; USAF
Joe Fenter Public Sector Inside Sales Representative
Goran Bijelic Acceleration SDR
Tad Murakami Japan Country Manager
Amelia Seow Senior Channel Sales Manager
Matt Jamison Federal Strategic Account Leader
Jon Burghart Regional Sales Director, EMEA
Patrick Gerhold Public Sector Inside Sales Representative
Melinda Soares Senior Sales Operations Analyst
David Forsch WW Distribution Lead
Scott McKee Federal Strategic Account Leader; 4th Estate
Matthew Clyne Senior Business Systems Administrator
Kim Jaeger Senior Channel Programs Manager
Aasim Khan Area Sales Manager, AMER - Mid-Market West
Lindsay Schoenfeld Senior Manager, Sales Operations
Honora Duncan Senior Channel Services Manager
Luis Vazquez Strategic Account Leader, Public Sector
Kevin Franklin Senior Channel Sales Manager
Moses Mederos Strategic Account Leader
Ian Chiang Mid Market Account Executive
Ron Frazier Strategic Account Leader, US Army
Annie Rooke Director Channel Sales AMER
Claudia Cheong Strategic Account Leader
Nicholas Lomas Strategic Account Leader
Michael Scott Strategic Account Leader
Issac Abbasi Sr. Technical Instructional Designer, Field Enablement
Sergio Cortes Senior Channel Sales Manager
Ashley Potter Deal Desk Specialist
Lisa Puzar Senior Manager, Sales Commissions
Tim G SMB Account Executive (EMEA)
Jon Scadden Federal Strategic Account Leader - DoD - Navy/Marines
David Haines Senior Strategic Account Leader
Jim Togher Public Sector Area Sales Manager
Alvaro Warden Senior Program Manager, Partner Enablement
Donatela C. Deal Desk Specialist
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