UX Department Hiring

UX Department Location Factor

UX Department people with no location factor

The following people in UX Department do not have a location_factor property set in team.yml. They are not included in chart above.

Name Role
Achilleas Pipinellis Senior Technical Writer, Enablement
Annabel Dunstone Gray Product Designer, Secure
Marcia Ramos Senior Technical Writer, Create (Source Code, Knowledge, Static Site Editor, Editor)
Taurie Davis Product Design Manager, FE/UX Foundations
Dimitrie Hoekstra Product Designer, Release:Progressive Delivery
Pedro Moreira da Silva Staff Product Designer, Create:Source Code
Emily von Hoffmann UX Research Coordinator
Sarah Jones UX Research Manager
Katherine Okpara UX Researcher, Create
Matej Latin Senior Product Designer, Growth:Expansion
Jarek Ostrowski Product Designer, FE/UX Foundations
Andy Volpe Senior Product Designer, Secure
Evan Read Senior Technical Writer, Create (Gitaly, Gitter)
Amelia Bauerly Senior Product Designer, Monitor:Health
Rayana Verissimo Senior Product Designer, Release:Release Management
Timothy Noah Senior Product Designer, Growth:Retention
Christie Lenneville VP of UX
Alexis Ginsberg Senior Product Designer, Plan:Portfolio Management
Kyle Mann Senior Product Designer, Secure & Defend
Russell Dickenson Senior Technical Writer, Secure (Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis), Growth
Marcel van Remmerden Product Design Manager, Create
Valerie Karnes Director of Product Design (Interim)
Mike Nichols Senior Product Designer, Create:Editor
Tali Lavi UX Researcher, Secure
Jeremy Elder Senior Product Designer, FE/UX Foundations, Visual Design
Jacki Bauer Product Design Manager, Growth & Enablement
Lorie Whitaker Senior UX Researcher, Release and Verify & Enablement
Marcel Amirault Technical Writer, Verify (Continuous Integration, Testing), Release (Progressive Delivery)
Iain Camacho Senior Product Designer, Package
Emily Sybrant Product Designer, Growth:Acquisition
Rebecca 'Becka' Lippert Product Designer, Secure
Kevin Comoli Product Designer, Growth:Conversion
Maria Vrachni Senior Product Designer, Configure
Camellia X. YANG Senior Product Designer, Secure
Holly Reynolds Senior Product Designer, Plan:Project Management
Juan J. Ramirez Senior Product Designer, Verify:Testing
Nick Post Senior Product Designer, Manage:Analytics & Apprentice Product Manager, Manage:Analytics
Daniel Mora Senior Product Designer, Manage:Access
Jeff Crow Senior UX Researcher, Growth
Nadia Sotnikova Product Designer, Verify:CI
Nadia Udalova Product Design Manager, CI/CD
Marcin Sędłak-Jakubowski Technical Writer, Plan
Sunjung Park Product Designer, Geo/Distribution
Nick Gaskill Senior Technical Writer, Secure (Composition Analysis, Fuzz Testing, Vulnerability Research), Defend
Mike Jang Senior Technical Writer, Manage (Access, Compliance, Import, Analytics)
Libor Vanc Senior Product Designer, Ecosystem:Integrations
Nick Brandt Product Designer, Plan:Certify
Matthew Nearents Senior Product Designer, Create:Knowledge
Amy Qualls Senior Technical Writer, Configure, Monitor
Amanda Hughes Senior Product Designer, Manage:Import
Andrej Kiripolský UX Researcher, Ops and Package
Suzanne Selhorn Senior Technical Writer, Package, Release (Release Management), Verify (Runner)
Mike Long Product Design Manager, Plan & Manage
Justin Mandell Product Design Manager, Configure, Monitor, Secure & Defend
Susan Tacker Senior Manager, Technical Writing
Michael Le Senior Product Designer, Create:Static Site Editor
Craig Norris Manager, Technical Writing
Veethika Mishra Senior Product Designer, Verify:Continuous Integration
Adam Smolinski Director, UX Research
Austin Regnery Product Designer, Manage:Compliance
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